Alasdair Fraser (b 1955)

Fiddler playing mainly Scottish tunes. Born in Scotland but living in the USA.

(Alasdair Fraser has also recorded with the band Skyedance, and Phamie Gow)


Portrait Of A Scottish Fiddler 1984CulburnieCUL109D
Dawn Dance1995Culburnie CUL106D

Collaborations - Alasdair Fraser and Jody Stecher.

The Driven Bow 1988CulburnieCUL102D 

Collaborations - Alasdair Fraser and Tony McManus.

Return To Kintail 1999CulburnieCUL113D 

Collaborations - Alasdair Fraser with Paul Machlis.

The Road North 1989Sona GaiaC 155 
Skyedance 1986CulburnieCUL101D
Legacy Of The Scottish Fiddle vol 1 2001CulburnieCUL118D

Collaborations - Alasdair Fraser with Muriel Johnstone and Natalie Haas.

Legacy Of The Scottish Fiddle vol 2 2004CulburnieCUL120CD

Collaborations - Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas.

Fire and Grace 2004CulburnieCUL121CD
In the Moment2007 CulburnieCUL122CD

Best studio albums(*).

Dawn Dance1995
Legacy Of The Scottish Fiddle vol 1 2001

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Popular downloads.

Dawn Dance
Are Ye Sleepin', Maggie?
Rain on Rannoch
Lament For Hecht Hetchy
Pamela Rose Grant
Spirit of the Gael

Book: "The Balnain Collection" 1997 (20 modern folk tunes, written by Phil Cunningham, Alasdair Fraser, Ivan Drever, etc).

Album tracks.

Portrait Of A Scottish Fiddler Running time 43 minutes 21 seconds. Recorded 1984. Released on CD in 1996. Alasdair Fraser (fiddle), Bobby Brown (accordion, piano), Kathy Fraser (piano), John Allan Cameron (guitar), Paul Langley (bass), Fred Collins (drums), Laura Nashman (flute), Erica Goodman (harp).



1. Sands of Murness/Auld Willie Hunter (aka Strathspey and Reel)F Jamieson/ Ronnie Cooper
2. The Acrobat/ The Shelburne Reel (aka Hornpipe and Reel)Trad/ A 'King' Ganam
3. Tog orm mo phiob/ Braigh Loch Lall/ Miss Brady (aka Lament, Air and Reel)Patrick mor MacCrimmon/ C Laing/ Trad
4. Mrs E.M. Ross's Welcome to Kiltarlity Cottage/ The Kirrie Kebbuck/ Culburnie Cottage (aka March, Strathspey and Reel)James Scott Skinner/ JS Skinner/ Alasdair Fraser
5. The Weeping Birches of Kilmorack (aka Slow Air)JS Skinner
6. Miss MacPherson Grant/ Loch of Lumgair  (aka Jigs) W Marshall/ C Sherritt
7. MacCrimmin's Lament (aka Lament)Donald Ban MacCrimmon
8. Miss Wharton Duff (aka Marching Air)William Marshall
9. J.F. Dickie's Delight/ J.F. Dickie's Reel (aka Slow Strathspey and Reel)James Murdoch Henderson/ JM Henderson
10. Allan's Reel/ Fiddler's Whim (aka Reels and jig)W Acheson/ Trad
11. The Nameless Lassie (aka Slow Air)Trad
12. The Braes of Castle Grant/ Captain Horne/ The Apple Tree (aka March, Strathspey and Reel)D MacDonald/ Trad/ Trad
13. Down The Vale (aka Pastoral Air)FL Moir
14. The Mathematician/ Sir David Davison of Cantray (aka Hornpipe and Reel)JS Skinner/ J Lowe

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