Jo Freya (b 1960)

Singer and instrumentalist playing traditional, contemporary and eclectic musics.

(Jo Freya has also recorded under the name Jo Fraser.
Jo Freya has also recorded with Freyja, The Fraser Sisters and Token Women)


Traditional Songs of England 1993SaydiscCD-SDL 402
Lush 1996No MastersNMCD5
Tea With The Queen1998 Polygram547 094 2 
As The Last Night Drains2003  
Lal2007 No MastersNMCD
The Female Smuggler2008 No MastersNMCD29

Collaboration - Maal Stroom and Jo Freya.

Meet2010No Masters ?

Session recordings.

Various artists The World is a Beautiful Place - The Songs of Richard Thompson1993
BlowzabellaVanilla 1990
Lal Waterson and Oliver KnightOnce in a Blue Moon 1996
Lal Waterson and Oliver KnightA Bed of Roses 1999
ChumbawambaThe Boy Bands Have Won 2008

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