The Fureys (also known as The Fureys and Davey Arthur)

Irish singers of folk songs and sentimental ballads.

(Also known as Finbar and Eddie Furey)
(Finbar Furey (b 1944) has recorded solo)(Finbar Furey born 1946)(George Furey born 1951)
(Commercially successful despite absence of media acclaim)


I Know Where I'm Going (*)1967 WaverleyZLP 2104
[Reissue]1968 SPSP 10559
[Reissue]1974 EMI/ ArranISLE 3006
Finbar and Eddie Furey 1968Transatlantic TRA 168
The Lonesome Boatman1969 TransatlanticTRA 191
The Dawning Of the Day1972 DawnDNLS 3037 
[Reissue]?Beat Goes On 
Four Green Fields1972 PlaneS 12F 200
A Dream in My Hand1974 IntercordINT 161.005
[Reissue]2008 Claddagh 
I Live Not Where I Love 1975Intercord 161.010
[Reissued with bonus tracks] 2008Claddagh 
The Farewell Album (2 LPs) 1976Intercord INT 161.010
Emigrant 1977Polydor 2480 403
Morning on a Distant Shore 1977Polydor 2904 010
Banshee 1978Dolphin Records DOL 1010
The Green Fields of France 1980 Banshee BAN 1001
The Sound Of The Fureys and Davey Arthur1981Polygram 
When You Were Sweet Sixteen1982  RitzRITZLP 0004 
[Reissue]1989 CastleCLACD 171
[Reissue] 2000 Sony017
Steal Away1983 Dureco88.080 
[Reissue]1992 CastleCLA259
In Concert1984Ritz 
The First Leaves Of Autumn1986Ritz 
[Reissue]2008 Banshee 
The Scattering1989BMG/Ariola 
Winds Of Change1992Shanachie/Ritz 
[Reissue]2008 Phantom833220
Claddagh Road1994 Phantom833221 
Celtic Collections1997M 
At Home in Ireland2007 Phantom687048 
Essential2001 BCI Music (Brentwood Communication) CD-CBI-40936
30 Years On 2008Global 001
(* Finbar and Eddie Furey & Paddie Bell)


The Town is Not their Own1981 HarpHPE 613
Finbar and Eddie Furey1982 HarpHPE 654
Golden Days 1984K-Tel ONE 1283
[Reissue] 2008Banshee 
At the End Of A Perfect Day1985K-Tel ONE 1310 
Furey's Finest1987Castle/Telstar HSTAR 2311
[Reissue]2008 Cadiz/ Phantom768426
Finbar and Eddie Furey - The Collection 1988Castle CCSCD 165
The Fureys and Davey Arthur - The Collection1989Castle CCSCD 231 
The Very Best Of The Fureys And Davey Arthur1991Music Club 
The Best Of the Fureys And Davey Arthur1991K-Tel 
The Best Of The Fureys And Davey Arthur1996Music Club 
Twenty Fifth Anniversary Collection ?2003? 
The Spanish Cloak: Best of the Fureys 1998Castle/Sanctuary/ Pulse 106
The Best of the Fureys (*) 2004Metro 
Green Fields of France 2008Banshee 
(* Recorded 1968-1972)


When You Were Sweet Sixteen / Oh! Babushka1981Ritz RITZ 003 
I Will Love You (Ev'ry Time when We Are Gone) 1982Ritz RITZ 012

Hit singles.

Titleyear.Highest Position.
When You Were Sweet Sixteen/ Oh! Babushka 198114
I Will Love You (Ev'ry Time when We Are Gone) 198254

Hit albums.

Titleyear.Highest Position.
When You Were Sweet Sixteen 198299
Golden Gays 198417
At the End of A Perfect Day 198535
Fureys Finest 198765

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