Davy Graham (1940 - 2008)

English guitarist, playing blues and folk, with influences from jazz and classical music. In 1973 he took up classical guitar.

(Davy has also recorded with Shirley Collins)
(The spelling Davey Graham also occurs frequently)


3/4 AD (EP)1961Topic

TOP 70

From a London Hootenanny (EP)(*)1963Decca DFE 8541
The Guitar Player1963Golden Guinea/Pye GGL 0224 
[Reissued as "The Guitar Player ... Plus" with bonus tracks]1992See For Miles SEECD351
[Reissue]2008 Sanctuary/ Castle CMRCD622
Folk, Blues and Beyond1964 Decca LK 4649
[Reissue] 1990See For Miles  
[Reissue]1999 Topic  
[Reissue]2005 Fledg'ling  
[Reissue with bonus tracks] 2007Les Cousins  
Midnight Man1966Decca LK 4780
[Reissue] 2005Fledg'ling  
[Reissue]2007 Les Cousins  
After Hours (**)1967Rollercoaster   
Large as Life and Twice as Natural1968Decca SKL 4969 
[Reissue]2005 Fledg'ling  
[Reissue]2007 Les Cousins  
Hat1969Decca SKL 5011
[Reissue] 2005Fledg'ling  
[Reissue]2007 Les Cousins  
Holly Kaleidoscope1970Decca SKL 5056 
Goddington Boundary1970PresidentPRCD 160
[Reissue]2004 Drakes Avenue 
[Reissue] 2005President Records 
All that Moody1976Eron  
[Reissue] (vinyl)1998 Rollercoaster  
[Reissue]2000 Rollercoaster  
The Complete Guitarist1978Kicking Mule SNKF 138
[Reissue]2006Kicking Mule  
Dance for Two People1979Kicking Mule SNKF 158
Playing in Traffic 1993  
[Reissue] 2010Probe Plus 
Broken Biscuits2007 Les cousins 
(* The Thameside Four and Davy Graham)
The Thamesiders included Martin Carthy
(** Issued in 1997, recorded at Hull University)

Collaboration: Shirley Collins and Davy Graham.

Folk Roots, New Routes (*)1965Decca LK 4652 
[Reissue]? RighteousRI 001
[Reissue]1999TopicTSCD 819
[Reissue]2005 Fledg'ling 
(* recorded 1964, released 1965)


Folk Blues and All Points In Between 1985See For Miles SEE CD 48
Fire in the Soul (*)1999TopicTSCD 817
Live at St Andrews 19662007 Rollercoaster 
A Scholar and a Gentleman: The Best of Davy Graham (2 CDs) 2009Decca 
From Monkhouse To Medway (Rarities and live tracks) (**) 2010Hux 
(* Recorded 1966 - 1970)
(** Tracks 1 - 5 1963, tracks 6 - 21 1973)

Anthology - Davey Graham, Martin Simpson, Richard Royal Baker (*), John Renbourn and Stefan Grossman.

Music of Ireland: Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes and Marches1979  
[Reissued as "Music of Ireland Airs Jigs Reels Hornpipes and Marches"] 2005Shanachie 
(* Richard Royal Baker is Duck Baker)

Anthology - Davey Graham, Richard Royal Baker (*), Dan Ar Bras and David Evans. (produced by Stefan Grossman)

Irish Reels Jigs Hornpipes and Airs 2009Stefan Grossmans 
(* Richard Royal Baker is Duck Baker)

Best albums(*).

Folk, Blues and Beyond 1964
Midnight Man1966

(*)Based on critical opinion.


Both Sides Now/ Tristano1968  F 12841

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