Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor

Scottish duo singing mainly traditional Scots songs.

(Jimmie MacGregor (b 10th March 1930) and Robin Hall (27th June 1936 - 18th Nov 1998) Both recorded as members of The Galliards. Robin was born in Edinburgh but moved to Glasgow when very young. Jimmie's name is often spelled as Jimmy. Jimmie MacGregor also recorded solo)

Robin Hall solo EPs.

Glasgow Street Songs vol 1 (EP)1959Collector JES 2
MacPherson’s Rant (EP)1959Collector 
Robert Burns Bi-Centenary (EP)1959Collector JES 3
.. and The Bonnie Lass of Fyvie1960Collector 
Leaves O Traditional Ballads (EP)1960Collector JFS 4002
Robin Hall Sings Again1964Collector JES 12

Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor albums and EPs.

Glasgow Street Songs vol 2 (EP)1959 CollectorJES 5
Glasgow Street Songs vol 3 (EP)1959 CollectorJES 9
Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor (EP)1960Beltona SEP 85
Scottish Choice (*) 1961 Decca Ace of ClubsACL 1065
[Reissue]1971 Decca EclipseECS 2074
[Reissue]1971 Decca Readers DigestRDS 7056
Two Heids Are Better Than Yin! (LP)1962 MonitorMFS 365 
[Reissued as "Tonight and Every Night"] (LP) 1962His Master's Voice CLP 1646
[Reissued as "Scotland My Scotland"] (CD) 1997Pegasus MFS 365
Scotch And Irish1964 DeccaLK 4601
[Reissue]1964 BeltonaLBA 310
[Reissue]1970 DeccaECS 2024
A Sprig of White Heather1965Phillips 6382 074 
With Anne and Laura Brand  (EP)1965Fontana 
Going Into Paper (EP)1966 IslandPBM
By Public Demand1966Fontana TL5349
[Reissue]1966 Phillips6382 124
[Reissue]1966Fontana FJL 502
The Red Yo-Yo (EP)1967Fontana TEI 7489 
Songs of Grief and Glory1967Fontana STL 5436
One Over The Eight1969 Mercury20169 
[Reissue]1969 Contour6870-523
We Belong to Glasgow1970 ?SFL 6438 033 
Glasgow Street Songs1970 HallmarkSHM 698 
Highlands and Lowlands1972 NevisNEV R003 
A-Rovin'1973 DeccaECS 22126
Kid’s Stuff1974Decca ECS 2161 
Scotland’s Best1975Beltona SBE 181 
Songs For Scotland1977Beltona SBE 191

(* with "The Galliards" - Shirley Bland and Leon Rosselson)

Ewan MacColl, Jimmy MacGregor and John Cole.

Barrack room Ballads1958Topic10T26

Galliards - Robin Hall, Jimmy MacGregor, Shirley Bland and Leon Rosselson.

England's Great Folk Group1964 MonitorMF 407

Anthology - The Spinners, Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor, Martin Carthy, The Wolftones, The Corries, Julie Felix, Wally Whyton, The McPeakes et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Folk Favourites 1970Contour 6870 636

Anthology - Danny Kyle, Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor, Alex Campbell, Dominic Behan, The Laggan et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Unity Creates Strength1972 Nevis NEV R007

Robin Hall single (45 rpm).

The Day We Went Tae Rothsay’O1958  

Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor single (45 rpm).

Football Crazy/ Robin the Beau1960Decca 45-F 11266 
Sinner Man/Loch Ness Monster1960Decca 45-F 11340 
I Will Go/ Lullaby for a Mucky Kid 1965Fontana BL 624TF

The Galliards (Robin Hall, Jimmie McGregor, Leon Rosselson and Shirley Bland) - single (45 rpm).

Black and White/ Bahnuah1963 TopicSTOP101 

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