Robert Harbron

English concertina-player, playing traditional and contemporary tunes.

(Robert has recorded with English Acoustic Collective and Dr Faustus)

Collaboration - Tim van Eyken and Robert Harbron.

One Sunday Afternoon2001 Beautiful JoBEJOCD034 

Collaboration - Robert Harbron and Emma Reid.

New Dogs Old Tricks2006 RobROBREC CD01

Collaboration - Kerr Fagan Harbron.

Station House2008 FellsideFECD201

Book of tunes - "William Winter's Quantocks Tune Book" has a related CD.

William Winter's Quantocks Tune Book (376 tunes) 2007Halsway Manor Society 
with CD (32 tunes) (*)? 
(* Robert Harbron, Nancy Kerr, Tim van Eyken and Miranda Rutter)

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