Frank Harte (1933 - 2005)

Irish duo singing traditional songs.


Dublin Street Songs1967 Topic12T172
[Reissue]? HummingbirdBHCD 0042
Through Dublin City1973Topic 12T218
[Reissued] 1991Ossian OSS 44

Multi-volume Albums.

Dublin Street Songs/ Through Dublin City 2004ChrysalisZCDP 110

Collaboration - Frank Harte and Dnal Lunny

Title.yearLabel Number
And Listen to my Song 1975Ram Records RMLP 1013
[Reissue] 1986Spin SPIN 994
[Reissue]2008Hummingbird HBCD0031
1798 First Year Of Liberty: Irish Traditional songs of the Rebellion 1979Hummingbird HBCD0014
[Reissue] 1998Hummingbird HB 0014
Daybreak and a Candle-End (*)1987 SpinSPIN 995
[Reissue]2000 SpinSPIN CD 995
My Name is Napoleon Bonaparte 2001HummingbirdHDCD0027
The Hungry Voice: the Song Legacy of Ireland's Greatest Hunger2004Hummingbird HBCD0034
There's Gangs of Them Digging: Songs of Irish Labour 2007Claddagh Independent 

(* Donal Lunny not mentioned on the front cover)

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