High Level Ranters

English band singing mainly traditional English songs and playing English tunes. Material is often from North-East England.

(Alistair Anderson has recorded with Kathryn Tickell, Syncopace and solo.)
(Colin Ross has recorded with Cut and Dry Dolly and Shirley Collins.)
(Jim Hall has recorded with Cut and Dry Dolly.)
(Johnny Handle has recorded with Louis Killen and solo.)
(Tom Gilfellon has recorded with the Champion String Band, Kathryn Tickell, Louis Killen and solo)
(Dick Gaughan, a guest on "The Bonnie Pit Laddie" has recorded solo)


Northumbria For Ever1968Topic12T186
The Lads of Northumbria1969Trailer LER 2007
Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinnie1970Trailer LER 2020 
High Level1971Trailer LER 2030 
A Mile To Ride1973Trailer  LER 2037
The Bonnie Pit Laddie (2 LPs) (*)1975Topic  2-12TS271/2
[Reissue] 1997Proper  
[Reissue] 2009Topic TSCD 486
Rantin' Lads1976Topic 12TS388 
Four In A Bar1979Topic 12TS445 
The New High Level Ranters1982Topic 12TS425 
Border Spirit1983Topic 12TS434
Gateshead Revisited1987Common GroundCGR 005
Bridging2004 HLR RecordsHLR 01

(* with Harry Boardman and Dick Gaughan)

Martyn Wyndham-Read and The High Level Ranters

English Sporting Ballads1976Broadside BRO 128 

Louis Killen, Johnny Handle, Tom Gilfellan et al

Title.year.Label. Number
Tommy Armstrong of Tyneside1965 Topic12T 122
[Reissue]1997 TopicTSCD 484
Along the Coaly Tyne1966   

Best albums(*).

The Bonnie Pit Laddie 1975

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Single (45 rpm).

Dance For Your Daddy1963 TopicSTOP7001 

Album tracks.

Border Spirit Running time: ?? minutes ?? seconds. Jim Hall, Johnny Handle, Colin Ross 



Billy's Jig/Kielder FellsBilly Pigg/unknown
Gan ti' the Kye wi' me 
Border Spirit 
Felton Lonnen 
Wallington Hall/Billy's Reel 
The Foxhunters Hornpipe/Billsmoor 
Kings Hall/John of Carrick 
The Bellingham Show 
Coilsfield House/Tom's March 
The Canny Shepherd Laddies 
The Surprise Hornpipe 

Book: The High Level Ranters Song and Tunebook (2004)

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