The House Band

English band playing traditional English, Irish and Balkan tunes. Also traditional and contemporary songs.

(Ged Foley has also recorded with the Battlefield Band and Patrick Street)


The House Band1985 Topic12TS439
Pacific1986 Topic12TS445
Word of Mouth 1988Topic 12TS451
[Reissue]  Green LinnetGLCD 3045
Stone Town1991 HarbourtownHARD019
[Reissue]? Green LinnetGLCDE 3060
Another Setting1994 Green LinnetGLCD 1143 
Rockall1996 Green LinnetGLCD 1174
October Song1998Green Linnet GLCD 1190


Title. year. Label. number.
Groundwork 1993Green Linnet GLCD 1132 
The Very Best of1998 Reactive RecordsREMCD511

Album tracks.

Word Of Mouth Running time: 43 minutes 38 seconds. Issued by Topic in 1988, re-issued by Green Linnet in 1989. Ged Foley, Chris Parkinson, John Skelton.



1. Walls of Try (song)Terry Conway
2. The Dusty Miller/ The Country Ground (instr)Trad/John Skelton
3. Lady Mary Hay's Favourite Scotch Measure/Triti Puti (instr)Trad/Trad
4. Wild Roving (song)Trad
5. An Dro D'Ogham/ An Dro/ Au Place De Serbie (instr)Trad(Breton)/ Jean-Michel Veillon/ John Skelton
6. The Happy One Step/ Green Willis (instr)Trad
7. From A Distance (song)unknown
8. The Peacock/ Moldavian Song (instr)Trad/ Trad
9. The Bonny Light Horseman (song)/ The Highland Brigade At Magersfontein (instr)Trad/unknown

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