Stan Hugill (1906 - 1992)

English shanteyman, one of the last to do this professionally.

(Author of books: 
"Shanties From the Seven Seas (1961)
"Sailor Town"
"Shanties and Sailor-Songs"
"Sea Shanties" 
"Songs of the Seas")


Aboard the Cutty Sark (2 LPs)1979 Greenwich VillageGVRX 207 
[Reissue]? Music By Mail 
In Concert at Mystic Seaport (*)1998RCE RCE216
A Salty Fore Topman (**)1989 Stormalong MusicSHCD 002 
Chants des Marins Anglais (**)1991 Chasse MareeCMCD 021
Sailing Days (**)1993 Stormalong MusicSHCD 003
Stan Hugill Reminisces (***)1991 Greenwich Village217
(* Recorded 1988)
(** with Stormalong John)
(*** recorded 1979)

Louis Killen, Stan Hugill et al.

Title. year. Label. Number
Sea Songs - Seattle Shanty Festival 1978 Folkways/ Sea HeritageFTS 37311

Anthology - Various artists including Stan Hugill.

Title. year. Label. number.
Sea Songs - Newport Festival 1980Folkways FTS 37312
When the Wind Blows - Traditional Folk and Sea Songs From Coastal England Veteran VT5CD
Men and the Sea Men (*)  City Museum BristolMUS 1
(* Recorded 1971)

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