Iron Horse

Scottish folk-rock band playing traditional Scottish tunes and songs. Also contemporary songs and tunes.

(Annie Grace has recorded solo)
(Gavin Marwick has also recorded with Burach)


Iron Horse1990 LochshoreCDLDL 1202
Thro Water, Earth and Stone1993 LochshoreCDLDL 1206
Five Hands High1994 LochshoreCDLDL 1214
Voice of the Land1995Lochshore CDLDL 1232
Demons and Lovers 1997LochshoreCDLDL 1265
Wind Shall Blow Evermore2004 LochshoreCDLDL 1315


Title. year. Label. Number.
The Collection2009 KRL?

Best albums(*).

Title. year.
Demons and Lovers1997

(*) Based on critical opinion.

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Ocean Breaths Salty
Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
Fade to Black

Album tracks.

Demons and Lovers Running time: 58 minutes 09 seconds. Lee Agnew (drums), Annie Grace (whistles, big bagpipes, small pipes, vocals), Brian McAlpine (keyboards, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, accordion, vocals), Gavin Marwick (fiddle, guitar), Lynn Morrison (vocals, piano), Rod Paul (mandola, mandolin, guitar, banjo).



1. The Steampacket/ The False Alarm/ The Siren (instr)Trad/ G Marwick/ G Marwick
2. Auchindoon (song)/ Reel Ecosse (instr)Trad/ G Marwick
3. The Lee Rig/ Sylvia/ Park No 1 (instr)R Paul/ Stephen Spence/ G Marwick
4. Davidson the Luthier/ Feis Rois/ The Luthier Jig/ The Half Gill (instr)G Marwick/ A Grace/ G Marwick/ RS MacDonald
5. The Traveller (song)L Morrison
6. Anthea (song)Trad
7. Tommy's No 2/ Upstairs at O'Neill's/ Mad Scatter (instr)R Paul/ G Marwick/ G Marwick
8. Ferris at the Wheel/ Faith Healer (instr)R Paul/ G Marwick
9. The Elphin Knight (song)words trad; music A Grace
10. The Demon Lover (song)words trad; music A Grace/ A Marwick
11. Caleo (song)words A Campbell/ A Grace; music trad
12. The Sleeping Warrior (instr)L Morrison

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