Nic Jones (b 1947)

English singer of traditional and contemporary songs. Also fiddle-player.

(Nic has also recorded with Bandoggs, Barbara Dickson and with Maddy Prior and June Tabor. Suffered a serious car accident in 1982.)


Ballads and Songs1970 TrailerLER 2014 
Nic Jones1971 TrailerLER 2027 
Noah's Ark Trap1977 TrailerLER 2091 
[Reissue] (cassette)1990 Shanachie79003
[Reissue] (vinyl) 1990 Shanachie79003
From the Devil a Stranger1978 TrailerLTRA 507 
Penguin Eggs1980 Topic12TS411
[Reissue] (cassette)1992 Shanachie79058
[Reissue] (CD)1994 Shanachie79090
[Reissue] (Vinyl)2009 6 Spices?

Compilations of live material.

In Search of Nic Jones1984  Mollie MusicMMCD01 
Unearthed (2 CDs)2001 Mollie0203
Game Set Match: Live2006 TopicTSCD 566

Collaboration - Jon Raven, Tony Rose, Nic Jones.

Songs of a Changing World1973 TrailerLER2083 

Best albums(*).

Penguin Eggs 1980
Noah's Ark Trap1977
In Search of Nic Jones1984
Unearthed 2001

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Popular downloads.

Billy Don't You Weep for Me
Farewell To the Gold
Planxty Davis
The Drowned Lovers
Farewell To the Gold
The Humpback Whale

Anthology - Maddy Prior, John Kirkpatrick, Frankie Armstrong, Nic Jones, Gordeanna McCulloch, John Wright et al.


Anthology - Robin Dransfield, Brass Monkey, Nic Jones, Oak, Watersons, Cyril Tawney, Louis Killen, John Kirkpatrick et al.

Anthology of English Folk (5 CDs)2006 Deja VuDEJ5026

Anthology - Nic Jones, William Kimber, Harry Cox, Shirley Collins, A.L. Lloyd, Sam Larner, The Watersons, Margaret Barry, The Boys of the Lough, Dick Gaughan, Kentigern et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Three Score and Ten - A Voice To the People (7 CDs) 2009Topic TOPIC70

Session recordings.

Performer. Title year. Label. number.
Barbara Dickson From the Beggar's Mantle ... Fringed With Gold 1971 Decca  
BandoggsBandoggs 1978Trailer LTRA504
The Halliard with  Jon Raven The Halliard1968 BroadsideBRO106
Tony HallField Vole Music 1976Free Reed FRR012
Dave and Toni ArthurHarken to the Witches Rune1970  

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