Fred Jordan (1922 - 2002)

English singer of traditional songs.


Songs of a Shropshire Farmworker1966 Topic12T150 
When the Frost is on the Pumpkin1974 Topic12ST 233 
In Course of Time1991 EFDSSVWML006 
A Shropshire Lad2003 VeteranVTD148CD


Hidden English (*)2003Topic TSCD 600
The Birds Upon The Tree (**)2005Musical TraditionsMTCD333
They ordered their pints of beer - The Voice of the People vol 13 (+)1998TopicTSCD 663
There is a man upon the farm - The Voice of the People vol 20 (++)1998TopicTSCD 670
(* one track only - The Outlandish Knight)
(** with Scan Tester, George Spicer et al)
(+ One track only - "John Barleycorn")
(++ One track only - "We shepherds are the Best of Men")

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