JSD Band

Folk-Rock band singing mainly traditional British songs and playing traditional British tunes.

(Sean O'Rourke has also recorded with Alba,The Keltz and with Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor)
(Chuck Fleming has also recorded with 5 Hand Reel)


Country Of The Blind1970Regal ZonophoneSLRZ 1018
JSD Band 1972 Fly HIFLY 11
[Reissue] 1972Cube 07269
Travelling Days1973 Cube Records HIFLY 14
[Reissue]1973 Cube06608/9
For The Record1997 LDL CDLDL 1256
Pastures of Plenty1998 KRL/ Lochshore CDLDL 1274

Best albums(*).

For The Record 1997

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Anthology - Various artists.

Title. year. Label. number.
Take Off your Head 1972Rubber  RUB 001 

Session recordings.

Performer. Title year. Label. number.
Tommy MakemIn the Dark Green Woods (*)1974 Polydor 2383 280 

(* includes Chuck Fleming, Sean O'Rourke and Des Coffield)

Album Tracks.

JSD Band. Recorded 1972.
Running time ?? minutes ?? seconds. Jim Divers (bass), Des Coffield (guitars, vocals, mandolin, tenor banjo), Sean O'Rourke (mouth harp, banjo, vocals, piccolo, flute, guitars), Lindsay Scott (fiddles, vocals), Colin Finn (drums, percussion) 

1. Open RoadO'Rourke
2. As I Roved OutTrad
3. Betsy (the Serving Maid)Trad
4. Barney BrallaghanTrad
5. Johnny O'BraidisleaTrad
6. Going Down The RoadGuthrie/Hays
8. Irish GirlTrad
9. Honey Babeunknown
10. Groundhogunknown



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