Ron Kavana

Singer of Irish songs, guitarist and compiler of recordings of Irish music. On some albums he performs blues, cajun and rock. Also song-writer.

(Ron is the author of "Reconciliation")


Think Like A Hero1989 Chiswick/ Big Beat 88
Rollin' and Coastin' (In Search of America) 1985Appaloosa AP 042
[Reissue] 1994  
Home Fire1991 Green Linnet3070
[Reissue]? Special Delivery1043
Coming Days1995 Chiswick/ Big Beat94 
Alien Alert1999 Proper10
Irish Ways - Story of Ireland in Song Music and Poetry (box)(3 CDs)2007 Proper4001

Albums - Ron Kavana and the Alias Acoustic (incl Brian McNeill).

Irish Songs of Rebellion, Resistance and Reconciliation 1798 - 1998 (2 CDs)1998  
[Reissue]2006 PrimoPRMCD6015
The Irish Music Anthology. 40 Classic Songs, Jigs and Reels2000Proper R2CD 40-107 
1798 - 1998 Irish Songs, Tunes, Poetry and Speech of Rebellion, Resistance ...2002  

Various artists [Ron Kavana as compiler of anthologies] James Morrison, Patsy Touhey, Michael Coleman, Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band et al.

Title. year. Label. No.
Farewell To Ireland (*) 1999 Proper  Properbox 3
[re-issue] 2005 Proper Properbox 3

(* recordings dated 1918 to 1948) 

Various artists - Tribute album: Christine Collister, Martin Simpson, The Fraser Sisters, Tom Robinson, Sally Barker, The House Band, Ron Kavana, Victoria Williams et al.

The World is a Wonderful Place - Songs of Richard Thompson 1993 Hokey Pokey HPR 2003.2
[Reissued] 1993Green LinnetGLCD 3086

Various artists - Ralph McTell, The John Kirkpatrick Band, Show of Hands, the Albion Band, Fairport Convention, Vin Garbutt, Kathryn Tickell, Ron Kavana et al.

Huntingdon Folk: Folk From Huntingdon Hall 2002Speaking Volumes HPR 2003.2

Singles - Lilt.

Irish Ways (*)/ For the Children (**)1991?
(*) with Shane MacGowan and Alias Ron Kavana.
(**) with Phil Chevron and Mary Coughlan.

Best albums(*).

Irish Songs of Rebellion, Resistance and Reconciliation 1998

(*) Based on critical opinion.

Popular downloads.

The Island
Solid Ground
Never Be The Sun
Timmy Mo Mhle Str

Session recordings.

Performer. Title year. Label. number.
Dick Gaughan Redwood Cathedral (*) 1998    

(*) with Troy Donockley and Peter Knight.

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