James Keane (b 1948)

Irish melodeon-player, playing mostly traditional tunes.

(James has recorded with "Ryan's Fancy")


The Irish Accordion of James Keane 1972Rex Heritage Disc 808
Roll Away The Real World1980 Green LinnetGLCD 1026
[Reissue]1999 Green Linnet 
That's the Spirit1994 Green LinnetGLCD 1138 
With Friends Like These1998 Shanachie78015 
Sweeter As The Years Roll By1999 Shanachie78031 
Live in Dublin2002 Lavalla RecordsLA01

Anthology - Kevin Burke, Mick Moloney, Martin Hayes, James Keane, Eileen Ivers, Joe Burke, Buttons and Bows et al.

Dance Music of Ireland: Jigs and Reels1997 Celtophile?

Best albums(*).

Roll Away The Real World1980

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Popular downloads.

The Stone in the Field/ The Steeplechase/ The Culfodda
Sweeter As The Years Roll By
An Leanbh Sidhe
Lough Mountain/ Kevin Crawford's/ Murphy's
Mary McMahon's/ Thady Casey's/ Lady Gordon
Master Crowley's
Reels: Father Kelly's/ Green Fields of America

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