Josephine Keegan (b 1935)

Irish piano-player, usually accompanying traditional fiddlers.

(Born in Dundee, Scotland, but moved to Ireland at the age of 4.) 


Fiddle1977OutletSOLP 1033
Reels, Rigs, Hornpipes, Airs1980OutletSOLP 1040
Irish Traditional Music1983OutletSOLP 1044
Lifeswork: The Compositions of Josephine Keegan (2 CDs)(*)2001Celtic Music 
[Reissued as "The Keegan's Tunes"]?2008 Ceol Camloch 
The Nightingale (And Other Lesser Spotted Tunes)(**) 2006Own Label No number
The Fairy Bridges (***)2006 Own LabelJKCD3

(* A book "The Keegan Tunes" contains all these tunes)
(** Recorded in the 1970s)
(*** She plays fiddle on this album)

Collaborations - Sean McGuire and Josephine Keegan.

Champion of Champions1969 OutletPTICD 1005 

Collaborations - Sean McGuire and Roger Sherlock with Josephine Keegan.

At their Best1970 OutletPTICD 1008 

Collaborations - Jim McKillop and Josephine Keegan.

Irish Traditional Fiddle Music (Mist in the Glen) c 1983OutletPTICD 1045


"A Drop in the Ocean (Traditional Irish Tunes Collected by Josephine Keegan)" (2004)

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