James Kelly

Irish fiddler, playing mainly traditional tunes.

(Paddy O'Brien has recorded solo and with Chulrua.)

Albums - James Kelly.

Capel Street1989 BowhandBOW 0001
Traditional Irish Music1997 CapelhouseNo number
[Reissue]2008 Traditions Alive 
Melodic Journeys2004 James KellyJKM 01471041

Collaboration - John and James Kelly.

Irish Traditional Fiddle Music1973 OutletPTICD 1041

Collaboration - James Kelly and Zan McLeod.

The Ring Sessions1995 SpinCD 999
[Reissue]2002 Faetain SpinSPINCD 999

Collaboration - James Kelly, Paddy O'Brien and Daithi Sproule.

Is It yourself?1978 ShanachieSHAN 29015
Spring is in the Air 1982 Shanachie5SHAN 29018
Traditional Music of Ireland 1982 Shanachie34014
[Reissue] 1995 ShanachieSHCD 34014

Session recordings.

Performer. Title year. Label. number.
Patrick StreetIrish Times1990 Green LinnetGLCD 1105 

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