Sandra and Nancy Kerr

English duo singing mainly traditional English songs and traditional English tunes.

(Nancy Kerr has recorded with James Fagan and with Scalene. 
Sandra Kerr (b 1942) has recorded with John Faulkner and with Scalene and with Leon Rosselson.
Sandra Kerr is the mother of Nancy Kerr)

Sandra Kerr solo.

Yellow Red and Gold2000Fellside FECD152 
Hi Said The Elephant2009 Smallfolk ?

Sandra and Nancy Kerr.

Neat and Complete1996Fellside FECD107

Sandra Kerr, Nancy Kerr and James Fagan.

Scalene1999Fellside  FECD107 

Sandra Kerr and Oysterband.

We Were There1987Pukka  YOP 08

Sandra Kerr, Nancy Kerr, Leon Rosselson and Kevon Graal.

Five Little Owls2000 Playsongs 
Five Little Frogs2000 Playsongs 

Album tracks.

Scalene Running time: ?? min ?? seconds. Recorded 1999. Nancy Kerr (violin, viola, cello, guitar, mandolin). James Fagan (bouzouki, whistle), Sandra Kerr (concertina, guitar)



Tunes; instrunknown
The Bonny Pit Laddie 
The Cheviot Hills 
Hornpipes; instr 
Van Diemens Land 
The Cruel Mothers 
Jeanettes Waltz; instr 
Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies 
Port And Brandy 
Jigs; instr 
Buy Broom Besoms 
Sir Walter Raleigh 
Here's The Tender Coming 
Tunes; instrr 

Neat and Complete Running time: 49 min 21 seconds. Recorded 1996. Issued on CD in 1996. Nancy Kerr (vocals, fiddle, viola). Sandra Kerr (vocals, English concertina, guitar, Appalachian dulcimer). The liner notes give the words to all the songs.



1. Lads of AlnwickTrad 3m 11s
2. The MilkmaidsTrad 2m 52s
3. The Wee Weaver (song)Trad 3m 47s
4. David Malone's/ James Fagan's (instr)Nancy Kerr 4m41s
5. The ShoemakerTrad 1m55s
6. The Maid on the ShoreTrad 3m 8s
7. The Welcome Home/ Saucy NancySandra Kerr 4m 17s
8. Seven Yellow GypsiesTrad 2m 55s
9. The Yellow-Haired Laddie/ Lovely NancyTrad 4m 31s
10. The Great SilkieTrad 3m 16s
11. George Collins (Child 85)Trad 3m 50s
12. Jackie MunroeTrad 3m 30s
13. Rusty Gully/ Go To Berwick, JohnnieTrad 3m 17s
14. Sheepcrook and Black DogTrad 3m 13s



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