Sid Kipper

English singer and musician performing parodies of English folk songs.

(real name: Chris Sugdon, born 1952)

Albums - Sid Kipper.

Since Time Immoral1984 DambusterDAM 005 
Ever Decreasing Circle1985 DambusterDAM 012
Fresh Yesterday1988 DambusterDAM 020
Arrest These Merry Gentlemen1989 DambusterDAM 022
In The Family Way1991 DambusterDAM 023
Like A Rhinestone Ploughboy1993 LeaderLER 2115
Boiled in the Bag (*)1997 LeaderLER 2118
Spineless1997 LeaderLER 2119
East Side Story2000 LeaderLER 2120
Cod Pieces2002 LeaderLER 2121
Chained Melody2003 LeaderLER 2122
In Season2007 LeaderLER 2125

(* with Dave Burland)

Albums - The Kipper Family.

The Crab Wars (*)1986  
The Crab Wars As Remembered vol 11994Dambuster 
The Crab Wars As Remembered vol 21994Dambuster 
The Crab Wars As Remembered vol 31994Dambuster 

(* "The Crab Wars: A Ballad Opera of the Olden Times, As Remembered by Sid and Henry Kipper". Performers include John Kirkpatrick, Martin Carthy, Tim Laycock, Peter Bellamy and Ashley Hutchings. It is a parody of Peter Bellamy's "The Transports". Re-issued in 1994 on CD)

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