Chris Leslie (born 1956)

English fiddler. 

(Chris joined Fairport Convention in 1997 when Maartin Allcock left. He has also recorded with Ashley Hutchings and Feast of Fiddlers)
(Gerry Conway has recorded with Eclection and with Tim Hart and Maddy Prior)
(Ric Sanders has recorded with Albion, June Tabor, Fairport Convention, Gordon Giltrap and Soft Machine)
(Simon Nicol, Dave Pegg, and Ashley Hutchings have recorded with Fairport Convention)

Solo albums.

The Flow1997Beautiful JoBEJOCD-20
Dancing Days2004Talking ElephantTECD058

Albums - Chris Leslie and Beryl Marriott.

The Gift1994 Beautiful JoBEJO 5 

Albums - Kevin Dempsey and Chris Leslie.

Always With You (*)1989 Making Waves136 

(* with Paul Brook, Pete Shutler and Peter Knight)

Anthology - Dave Mattacks, Dave Pegg, Chris Leslie, Phil Beer, Rick Sanders, Bert Jansch.

Title. year. Label. no
Master Craftsman 2002    

Anthology, Various artists - Albion Band, Morris On, Chris Leslie, Tickled Pink, Cobbled Together.

Title. year. Label. No.
Sweeps2008 Talking Elephant 

Session recordings.

Performer. Title year. Label. number.
Albion Albion Sunrise: HTD Recordings 1994 - 99      
ColdCutLet Us Replay   
MithrasSomething Old, Something New, Something Borrowed1974  
Mostly AutumnPassengers 2003  
Sandy DennyGold Dust: Live at the Royalty (*) 1998  

(* The original tapes were reworked in the studio)

Album tracks.

The Flow. Running time 42 minutes 44 seconds. Recorded at Woodworm Studios, Oxfordshire 1997. Tracks 2 and 6 produced by Simon Mayor. Other tracks produced by Tim Healey. Released on CD in 1997. Chris Leslie (violins, tingshaws, singing bowl, electric tambura), Maartin Allcock (acoustic guitar, electric guitar), Simon Mayor (mandola, mandocello, mandolin), Margaret Knight (concert harp), Anne-Marie Doyle (Irish step-dancing), Martin Simpson (acoustic guitar), Ric Sanders (electric violin, viola, cello).



1. Ballydesmond/ ScartaglenTraditional
2. Eliz Iza/ Derobee de GuingampTrad / Trad
3. AignishTraditional
4. The Witch of the GlenTraditional
5. Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young CharmsWords: Thomas Moore. Tune: Trad
6. Lime RockTrad
7. The Old BlackbirdTrad
8. The FlowChris Leslie
9. Niel Gow's Lament for AbercairneyNiel Gow
10. Paddy Ryan's Dream/ The Inimitable Reel/ The Macroom LassiesTraditional
11. Kishmul's GalleyTrad
12. Tune for the Land of SnowsChris Leslie

Dancing Days Running time 55 minutes 22 seconds. Released on CD in 2004. Chris Leslie (violins, percussion, bouzouki, mandolin, native American flute, kalimba, tingshaws, Tibetan singing bowls), Simon Nicol (acoustic guitar), Dave Pegg (bass), Gerry Conway (percussion, congas), Mat Green (violin), Ric Sanders (violin), Mikey Radford (dance), Ashley Hutchings (bass). Produced by Chris Leslie.



1. Flowers of Edinburgh/ Old Tom of OxfordTraditional
2. Laudnum Bunches (headington)/ Orange In Bloom (Sherbourne)/ Banks of the Dee (Longborough)Trad / Trad/ Trad
3. Bower Processional (Lichfield)Traditional
4. Princess Royal (Adderbury)/ Speed The Plough (Bampton)Traditional
5. Old Marlborough (Fieldtown)Traditional
6. The Dancer (song)Chris Leslie
7. Jockey to the Fair (Adderbury)/ Double Jig (Bampton)Trad/ Trad
8. Lumps of Plum Pudding (Bledington)/ Bean Setting (Headington)/ Bobbing a Joe (Wheatley)Trad/ Trad/ Trad
9. Sweet Jenny Jones (Adderbury) / Brighton Camp (Adderbury)/ Beaux of London City (Adderbury/ Badby)Traditional
10. Stourton Wake and Jig (Adderbury)Traditional
11. Haste to the Wedding (Adderbury) / Bluebells of Scotland (Adderbury) / Shepherd's Away (Adderbury)Trad/ Trad/ Trad
12. Bumpus O' Stretton (Ilmington)Traditional
13. Janet Blunt Poem (song)words: Janet Blunt/ tune: "Jamaica"
14. Morning Star (Bledington)/ Getting Upstairs (Headington)/ Wheatley Processional (Wheatley)Trad/ Trad/ Trad
15. A Secret (medley *)Trad
(* uncredited medley: Shepherd's Hey/ Bluebells of Scotland/ Brighton Camp/ 
sound of church bells/ Happy the Man (song))


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