The London Lasses and Pete Quinn

English group, playing traditional Irish tunes.


Title.year.Label. No
The London Lasses and Pete Quinn2000Lo La Records  LL 001
Track Across The Deep2003Lo La LL 002
Enchanted Lady2007La LaLL 004
By Night and By Day 2010London Lasses 

Album Tracks.

The London Lasses and Pete Quinn Running time 63 minutes 37 seconds. Released in 2000. Recorded at Wessex Studios, London. Bernie Conneely (banjo), Elaine Conwell (fiddle), Karen Ryan (fiddle, whistles), Sharon Whelton (flute, whistles), Pete Quinn (piano). Guests: Sue Cullen (vocals on tracks 4, 8, 11 and 14), Grace Kelly (whistle on track 6).

Title Author
1. Reels: Splendid Isolation/ The Swallow's Nest/ The Newly Mown Meadow Brenden McGlinchey/ Paddy O'Brien/ Trad
2. Barndances: Stack of Barley/ Cous Teehan's Traditional/ Trad
3. Jigs: Tenpenny Bit/ The Luckpenny/ Gallagher's Frolics Trad/ Trad/ Trad
4. Song: May Morning Dew Trad
5. Waltz: Tom Bhetty's Trad
6. Carolan and Reel: Eleanor Plunkett/ Eileen Curran's O'Carolan/ Trad
7. Reels: Marion Egan's/ Harvest Moon/ Small Hills of Offaly Marion Egan/ Paddy O'Brien/ Paddy O'Brien
8. Song: Johnny, Lovely Johnny Trad
9. Lament, Highlands, Reel: The Dark Island/ Jimi Lyons/ McFadden's Handsome Daughter Trad/ Trad/ Trad
10. Jigs: Wandering Minstrel/ Maid on the Green/ Old Man Dillon Trad/ Trad/ Trad
11. Song: Banks of the Dee Trad
12. Reels: The Girl who Broke my Heart/ My Love is in America/ Humours of Ballyconnell Trad/ Trad/ Trad
13. Waltz and Jig: Sidewalks of New York/ Killavil Jig Trad/ Trad
14. Song: Low, Low Lands of Holland Trad
15. Jigs, Slip Jig, Reel: Cat in the Corner/ The Looharadhown's Jig/ Na Ceannabháin Bhána Trad/ Junior Crehan/ The London Lasses

Track Across the Deep Running time 54 minutes 46 seconds. Released in 2003. Recorded at Beethoven Street Studios, London. Elaine Conwell (fiddle), Karen Ryan (fiddle, whistles), Dee Havlin (flute, whistle), Maureen Linane (accordion), Pete Quinn (piano). Guests: Kathleen O'Sullivan (vocals on tracks 4, 8 and 12).

Title Author
1. Jigs and Reels: The Bohola Jig/ The Besom in Bloom/ Paddy Taylor's/ The Piper on Horseback Trad/ Trad/ Trad/ Trad
2. Slip Jigs: Hardiman the Fiddler/ Fig for a Kiss/ Fisherman's Traditional/ Trad
3. Waltz: The Beautiful Goldfinch Marcus Hernon
4. Song: There's A Path Across The Ocean Trad
5. Reels: The Barge Inn/ New Year's Eve/ John Brennan's Paddy O'Brien/ Paddy O'Brien/ Trad
6. Set Dance: Rodney's Glory Trad
7. Barndances and Reel: William McGonigal's/ Kitty Sean Cunningham's/ Rat in the Thatch Danny Meehan/ Trad/ Trad
8. Song: The Ball of Yarn Trad
9. Carolan and Reel: Bridget Cruise/ O'Sullivan's O'Carolan/ Trad
10. Reels: Imelda Rowland's/ Meave's Reel/ The Master's Return Trad/ Jim McKillop/ Trad
11.Jigs: Geese in the Bog/ Taylor's Fr Tom's Wager Trad/ Trad/ Trad
12. Song: the Red-Haired Man's Wife Trad
13. Reels: Kerryman's Daughter/ Paddy Fahy's/ Mary McMahon Trad/ Trad/ Trad

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