Jon Loomes

English singer, guitar-player, fiddler and hurdy-gurdy player, singing traditional English song and some tunes.


Title.year.Label. No
Fearful Symmetry2004Fellside  FECD186

Album Tracks.

Fearful symmetry Running time 51 minutes 03 seconds. Released in 2002. Jon Loomes (vocals, guitar, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy), Paul Scourfield (melodeon), Michael Beeke (recorders, English pipes), Philip G. Martin (hurdy-gurdy).

Title Author
1. Jacky Tar (song)/ Jimmy Allen (instr) Trad/ Trad
2. The Ride in the Creel Trad
3. The Ploughman Trad
4. Rolling in the Dew Trad
5. Grandfather's Polka/ Polka d'Avreyon (instr) Trad/ Trad
6. All For Me Grog Trad
7. The Seeds of Love Trad
8. Would You Marry A Young Virgin of Fifteen Years?/ The Seven Stars Trad/ Trad
9. Jupiter (instr) Gustav Holst
10.Bridgewater Fair Trad
11. Riddles Wisely Expounded [Child Ballad 1] Trad
12. Wild Boar Trad
13. Fine Flowers in the Valley [Child Ballad 20] Trad
14. Three Gypsies Trad

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