Dónal Lunny (b 1947)

Irish player of bouzouki, guitar and keyboards. Also record producer and musician for TV and film productions.

(Dónal Lunny has recorded with Emmet Spiceland, Planxy, The Bothy Band, Moving Hearts and Christy Moore)
(He has been a record producer for Kate Bush, Elvis Costello, Rod Stewart, Indigo Girls, Clannad, Baaba Maal, Paul Brady and others)
(John McSherry has recorded with Tamalin)
(The group "Moving Hearts" is sometimes labelled as "Donal Lunny's Moving Hearts". It is listed separately)

Solo Albums.

Donal Lunny1987  
Sult: Spirit of the Music1996HummingbirdHBCD0009
Coolfin1998Metro Blue/ Capitol7243 4 93542 27
[Reissue]1998HummingbirdCDHBRTE 221


Journey - The Best of (2 CDs)2000IRLGRCD 285

Collaboration - Frank Harte and Dónal Lunny

Title.yearLabel Number
And Listen to my Song 1975Ram Records RMLP 1013
[Reissue] 1986Spin SPIN 994
[Reissue]2008Hummingbird HBCD0031
1798 First Year Of Liberty: Irish Traditional songs of the Rebellion 1979??
[Reissue] 1998Hummingbird HB 0014
Daybreak and a Candle-End (*)1987 SpinSPIN 995
[Reissue]2000 SpinSPIN CD 995
My Name is Napoleon Bonaparte 2001HummingbirdHBCD0027
The Hungry Voice: the Song Legacy of Ireland's Greatest Hunger2004HummingbirdHBCD0034
There's Gangs of Them Digging: songs of Irish Labour 2007Claddagh Independent 

(* Donal Lunny not mentioned on the front cover)

Anthology - Sharon Shannon, Planxty, Moving Hearts, Carlos Nunez, Aly Bain et al

Title.yearLabel Number
St Patrick 2000 (2 CDs) (*) 2000Keltia Musique KMCD 105

(* Liner notes are in French. It appears that Donal was a producer for all these artists)

Soundtrack Albums.

This is my Father (*)1998 Hummingbird HBCD0019

(* Music written and produced by Donal. Artists include Sharon Shannon, Nollaig Casey and John McSherry.)


Title year. Label.
East Meets West: A Musical Celebration with Donal Lunny (*)2008 Kultur 
(* Contributions from Donal Lunny, Jean Butler, Coolfin, The Kodo Drummers, Sharon Shannon)

DVD - Collaboration: Aly Bain, Jay Ungar, Iris Dement, Mary Black, Karen Matheson, Anna McGarrigle, Donal Lunny, Dick Gaughan, John Martyn, Emmylou Harris, Davy Spillane, Rod Patterson, etc etc.

The Original Transtatlantic Sessions (recorded c 1999)2009 

Session recordings.

Sinéad O'ConnorSean-Nós Nua2002RandmRAMCD001
Zoë ConwayZoë Conway2002TaraTARACD 4012

Album Tracks.

Coolfin Running time 52 minutes 41 seconds. Released in 1998. Dónal Lunny (bouzouki, guitar, bodhran), Nollaig Casey (fiddle, viola), Mairead Nesbitt (fiddle), Graham Henderson (keyboards), John McSherry (uileann pipes), Ray Fean (drums), Roy Dodds (percussion), Fionn O'Lochlainn (bass)

Guest singers: Maighread Ní Dhomhnaill (on "False Fly" and "Siúla A Rúin"), Triona Ní Dhomhnaill (on "False Fly" and "Siúla A Rúin"), Eddi Reader (on "The Lowlands of Holland"), Marta Sebestyén (on "Moldavian Triptych")

Guest musicians: Sharon Shannon (accordion on "Glentown" and "Kickdancer"), Maire Breatnach (fiddle on "Glentown"), Sean Smyth (fiddle on "Glentown") .

Title Author
1. Spanish Point (instr) Donal Lunny
2. The Lowands of Holland (song) Traditional
3. Glentown (Miss Monaghans/ The Man of the House/ The Green Fields of Glentown/ The Mountain Lark) (instr) Trad/ Trad/ Tommy Peoples/ Trad
4. The Moleskin Shoe and Dancing In Allihies (instr) Nollaig Casey
5. Moldavian Triptych (three songs) (sung in Romanian?) Trad/ Marta Sebestyen/ Donal Lunny
6. Butlers (instr) Donal Lunny
7. False Fly (song) Trad
8. Polkas (Trip to Sado/ Dan-Ti Dan-Dan) (instr) Donal Lunny
9. Slides (Coolfin/ Nora Criona) (instr) Donal Lunny
10. Kickdancer (instr) Donal Lunny
11. Siúla Rúin (song) Trad
12.Lucky Lucky Day (instr) Donal Lunny



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