Jim Malcolm

Scottish singer and guitarist, performing traditional and contemporary songs.

(Jim has recorded with Old Blind Dogs)(He is married to Susie Allan)


Title.year.Label. No
Sconeward1995 GreentraxCDTRAX083
Rohallion1998 GreentraxCDTRAX150
Live in Glenfarg 2004 BeltaneBELCD103
Home2007 BeltaneBELCD102
Acquaintance2007 BeltaneBELCD105
Resonance2007 BeltaneBELCD101
Tam O'Shanter and Other Tales 2008 BeltaneBELCD104
The First Cold Day2008   

Best Album(*).

Sconeward 1995

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Last updated on 17/04/2010