Simon Mayor

English mandolin-player of light classical, show tunes and traditional tunes.

(Simon is the author of the book "Mastering the Mandolin")


Title.year.Label. Number
New Celtic Mandolin1998 Acoustics  CDACS035
The Mandolin Album 1997 Acoustics CDACS012
The Second Mandolin Album2001 Acoustics CDACS014
Winter with Mandolins 2001Acoustics CDACS015
Music From a Small Island2006 AcousticsCDACS055

Simon Mayor Quintet - Simon Mayor, Hilary James, Maartin Allcock, Gerald Garcia.

Title.year.Label. Number
Mandolinquents2001 Acoustics  CDACS034

Collaboration - Simon Mayor and Hilary James.

Title.year.Label. Number
The English Mandolin (*)1995 Koch International  
[Reissue] 2001 Acoustics CDACS025
Duos 2001Acoustics CDACS042
Lullabies with Mandolins2004Acoustics CDACS049
Children's Favourites2005 Acoustics CDACS054

(* Classical music.)

Collaboration - Simon Mayor and the Mandolinquents.

Dance of the Comedians (live)2007 Acoustics 

Collaboration - Hilary W James and Simon Mayor.

Musical Mystery Tour vol 12000 
Musical Mystery Tour vol 22000 
Musical Mystery Tour vol 32000 
Musical Mystery Tour vol 42000 
Musical Mystery Tour vol 52000 
Laughing at the Moon2004 

Singles - Simon Major and Hillary James.

In short2005Acoustic

Session recordings.

Hilary JamesLove Lust and Loss1996Acoustics RecordsCDACS 029
Chris LeslieThe Flow1997Beautiful JoBEJOCD-20

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