Jimmy MacBeath (1894 - 1972)

Scottish singer of traditional songs. Worked in bothies, and lived as a traveler.

(Born in Portsoy, Banffshire. His date of death is also sometimes given as 1974. His surname is sometimes given as McBeath)


Wild Rover No More1967Topic12T173
Bound To Be A Row1975Topic12T303
Tramps and Hawkers (*)2002 Rounder1834

(* Recorded 1951 and 1953)

Anthology - Jimmy MacBeath and Davie Stewart.

Two Gentlemen of the Road2002Rounder 82161-1793-2
There is a man upon the farm - The Voice of the People vol 20 (*)1998TopicTSCD 670

(* Two tracks only - "Come All You Tramps and Hawkers" and "Arlin's Fine Braes". On this album the spelling of Jimmy's name is given as "McBeath")

Anthology - John Strachan, Jimmy MacBeath, John Burgess, Flora MacNeil et al.

1951 Edinburgh People's Festival Ceilidh (live)2006 RounderROCD1786 

Album tracks.

Two Gentlemen of the Road Recorded 1951/53/57. Released on 2 CDs in 2002. CD1 Running time 71 minutes 37 sec; CD 2 Running time 65 minutes 04 secs.. The tracks marked [DS] are by Davie Stewart, those with [JM] are by Jimmy MacBeath. The spoken word tracks are prompted by questions by Alan Lomax. The liner notes consist of a 40-page booklet containing the words to all the songs, and biographical notes. The CD contains a pdf file with transcriptions of the interviews. When Dave Stewart sings he accompanies himself on accordion. 

1. [DS] The Merchant's SonTrad
2. [DS] Cowpin the dishes (spoken word) 
3. [JM] Hey Barra GadgieTrad
4. [JM] It wis aa beggin that we did (spoken word) 
5. [JM] Kindness from a policeman (spoken word) 
6. [JM] Grat for GruelTrad
7. [DS] How to build a bender (spoken word) 
8. [JM] Chantin, Griddlin and Laldyin/ Teery Bustin/ Rothsay-Oh spoken/ Trad/ Trad
9. [DS] The Day We Went To Rothesay-ohTrad
10. [DS] Playing for an All-night Hooley (spoken word)  
11. [DS] March Strathspey and Reel (instr) Trad
12. [JM] Were you always alone? (spoken word)  
13. [JM] The Forfar Sodger Trad
14. [DS] They put a different turns in their tunes (spoken + diddling)  
15. [DS] Outside, on the safe side (spoken word)  
16. [JM] The Ox and the fox dug a hole for me (spoken word)  
17. [DS] It's a long drow at the end (spoken word + tune fragment)  
18. [DS] Old bodies, five or six pounds each (spoken word)  
19. [DS] Did they kiss children as well? (spoken word)  
CD 2. Title. Author.
1. [JM] The Darling Ploughman Boy Trad
2. [JM] From the top of the deck  (spoken word)  
3. [JM] Ah likit ma mother aye (spoken word + nursery fragments) Trad
4. [JM] He used to diddle lots o songs (spoken)/ Fae Would be a Fisherman's Wife? (song) spoken/ Trad
5. [DS] We are called the Buchan Stewarts (spoken word)  
6. [DS] Dark-Eyed Lover Trad
7. [JM] It wis aa slave drivery (spoken word)  
8. [JM] The Barnyard of Delgaty (*) Trad
9. [JM] Singin along at their plough (spoken word)  
10. [DS] The Laird O Dainty Doonby Trad 
11. [DM] The Horseman's Grip and word (spoken word)  
12. [JM] Eppie Morrie [Child Ballad 223], It wis torn, rippit, tattered [tune: strathspey] + spoken word Trad/ Trad/ spoken
13. [JM] The Trooper and the Maid [Child Ballad 299] Trad
14. [DS] They story lives forever (spoken word)  

(* Sung at the 1951 Edinburgh People's Festival Ceilidh)

Wild Rover No More Recorded 1951/53/57. Released 1967. Running time ?? minutes ?? sec.

1. Bold English NavvyTrad
2. Come a' Ye Tramps an' HawkersTrad
3. Johnny McIndoeTrad
4. Wind Blew the Bonnie Lassie's Plaidie Awa'Trad
5. Merchant and the Beggar MaidTrad
6. Nicky TamsTrad
7. Barnyards of DelgatyTrad
8. I'm a Stranger in this Country Trad
9. Moss O' BurreldateTrad
10. Highlandman's Ball Trad
11. McPherson's Rant Trad
12. Groat for Gruel Trad
13. Drundelgie Trad
14. Wild Rover No More Trad

Bound To Be A Row Recorded 1951/53/57. Released 1976. Running time ?? minutes ?? sec.

1. There's Bound To Be A RowTrad
2. Banks of InverurieTrad
3. YthansideTrad
4. Erin Go BraghTrad
5. Bogie's Bonnie BelleTrad
6. Cow Wi' The Iron TailTrad
7. Arlin's Fine BraesTrad
8. Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie Trad
9. Pittenweem JoTrad
10. Ye Cannae Pit It on tae Sandy Trad
11. Boston Smuggler Trad
12. Highland Rorie's Wedding Trad
13. Magdalen Green Trad
14. Marin Fair Trad
15. Roving Baker Trad

There is a man upon the farm - Working men and women in song. Running time: 64 minutes 21 seconds. The recordings are dated 1938 to 1980. Issued 1998. Edited by Reg Hall. Compilation, research and notes by Reg Hall. The recordings are mainly from the archives of Topic records but also from Columbia (The Belhavel Trio) and from various private collections (Keith Summer, Jim Carroll, Frank Purslow etc). There is a 42-page booklet (including covers) giving the words to all the songs. 14 pages are given over to biographical notes about the singers.



6. Come All You Tramps and Hawkers Jimmy MacBeath. Rec by Sean Davies in London 1966 or 67.  Traditional
18. Arlin's Fine Braes Jimmy MacBeath. Rec by Peter Hall in a private house in Scotland, 19th/20th July 1971 Traditional


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