Tom McConville (b 1950)

Fiddler from Newcastle, playing mainly traditional tunes. Also a few songs.

(Pauline Cato plays Northumbrian pipes).


Port of Call1980 RubberRUB041
The Streets of Everywhere1982Black Crow CRO 203
Straight From The Shoulder 1988Celtic Music CM045
Cross The River1990 Old Bridge MusicOBMCD01
The Great Northern Roadshow2003 TomcatTCCD03
Tune for Michael2005 TomcatTCCD04
Tommy on the Bridge2006 TomcatTCCD06
Tommy On Song2008 TomcatTCCD07

Album - Pauline Cato and Tom McConville.

Changing Tides1994Cato PCCD02
By Land and Sea 1996Tomcat TCCD01
The Surprise1999Tomcat TCCD02

Albums - Tom McConville with Chris Newman.

Fiddler's Fancy: The Music of James Hill 1993Old Bridge Music OBMCD04 

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