Alastair McDonald (b 1941)

Scottish singer and banjo-player, performing traditional songs, contemporary songs, children's songs and devotional songs.

Albums - solo.

Scotland First1970 NevisNEV LP 108
Tam Lin 1971YoungbloodSBYB3
Scottish Battle Ballads1993 NevisNEV LP 104
Sings Robert Burns1995 KRLCDTRAX 078
Velvet and Steel1995 Greentrax?
Honest Poverty1996 Lismor 
Bears Crows and Centipedes1997 CorbanCBNCD  021
Scottish Laughlines1998 CorbanCBNCD  022
Scotland in Song1999 CorbanCBNCD  024
[Reissue]2005 NevisNEVR002
[Reissue]1999  CDLBP2013
House of MacDonald 2002 CorbanCBNCD  027
Songs of the North 2002 CorbanCBNCD  030
Old Scotia's Shores 2003 CorbanCBNCD  031
Songs of the North 2003 Corban 
Bonnie Prince Charlie 2003  CDELM4118
I Dearly Like The West ?   
Battles and Ballads of Scotland 2008 Corban 
Songs Around Scotland 2007 Scotdisc 
Sings Gospel ?   
Oor Ally's Red Yoyo 2005 CorbanCBNCD  036
Heroes and Legends of Scotland 2008 Corban 
[Reissued as "Tam Lin and Other Celtic Legends"] 2008 Corban 
At the Jazz Band Ball?   
Patriot's Heart 2002 CorbanCBNCD  029

Anthology - Alastair MacDonald et al

The King Has Landed 2002Greentrax 


Gretna to Glencoe? 

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