John MacDonald (1905 - ?)

Scottish singer of traditional songs. Not to be confused with the Scottish country dance band musician of the same name.


The Singing Molecatcher of Morayshire 1974Topic12TS263
[Reissue]1998 GreentraxCDTRAX9053

Anthology - John MacDonald and others.

Voice of the People Vol 3 - O'er His Grave The Green Grass Grew (*)1998 TopicTSCD653 
Voice of the People Vol 7 - First I'm Going To Sing You A Ditty (**)1998Topic TSCD657

(* 1 track only - "Lord Ronald (Lord Randall)", 1974)
(** 1 track only - "The Ball O' Kerriemuir", 1974).

Anthology - John MacDonald, Harry Cox, Fairport Convention, Albion Band, Ewan MacColl, Tir-Na-Nog, Straight Furrow et al.

A Celebration of Great British Folk (2 CDs) (*) 2009 TopicTSCD653 

(* 1 track only - "The Haughs of Cromdale")

Anthology - John MacDonald, Jimmy MacBeath, Jamie Taylor, Charlie Murray et al.

Scottish Tradition 1: Bothy Ballads - Music From the North-East 1993 GreentraxCDTRAX 9001

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