Susan McKeown (born 1967)

Irish singer, performing traditional songs and her own compositions. The arrangements are often exotic. She sings in English and in Irish.

(Susan was born in Dublin and relocated to New York in about 1994)
(Susan has recorded with Lindsey Horner as a duo, and with Cathie Ryan and Robin Spielberg as a trio. She has recorded with Johnny Cunningham and Aidan Brennan as a trio)
(Johnny Cunningham has recorded with Silly Wizard, Aly Bain and solo)


The Chanting House 1990  
The Chanting House - Live (*)1992  
Bones (**)1996Sheila-na-Gig 
Bushes and Briars1998Alula/Allegro ALU 1008 
Mighty Rain1999 Depth of Field3
Lowlands 2000Green Linnet/Sheila-na-GigGLCD1205
Prophecy (***)2002Sheila-na-Gig SNG 704 
Sweet Liberty2004 World Village468029
Blackthorn: Irish Love Songs2006 World Village468054
(*) with John Doyle, Eileen Ivers and Seamus Egan.
(**) title: "Susan McKeown and the Chanting House.[with Johnny Cunningham]
(***) [with Johnny Cunningham and Natalie Merchant]

Collaboration - Susan McKeown and Johnny Cunningham.

A Winter Talisman2001Sheila-na-Gig SNG 702

Collaboration - Susan McKeown and Lorin Sklamberg.

Saints and Tzadiks2009 World Village ?

Collaboration - Susan McKeown, Cathy Ryan and Robin Speilberg.

Mother: Songs Celebrating Mothers and Motherhood (+)1999North Star NS 0111
(+) [with Johnny Cunningham]

Collaboration - Susan McKeown and Lindsey Horner.

Through The Bitter Frost and Snow1997Prime PCD 36 

Best Albums(*).

Title. year.
Sweet Liberty2004
Blackthorn: Irish Love Songs2006

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Popular downloads.

In London So Fair
Johnny Scott
Bushes and Briars
Oiche Fa Fheil Bride - On Brigid's eve
Eggs in Her Basket

Anthologies (with other artists on other tracks).

Straight Outta Ireland1993Scotti Bros75403 
Peter and Wendy1997 Alula1006 
Soul of Christmas1997Upaya 
Women of the World Celtic II1997Putumayo 
A Winter's Tale1998Celtic Heartbeat 

DVD - Seamus Egan, Mick Moloney, Niall O'Leary, John Doyle, Susan McKeown.

Absolutely Irish2008 WBGH Boston 

Session recordings.

Performer. Title year. Label. number.
Natalie Merchant Retrospective 1990 - 2005 (2 CDs) 2006    

Album tracks.

Lowlands Recorded 2000. running time: 52 minutes 09 secs. Produced by Susan McKeown. Aidan Brennan (guitar), Mamadou Diabate (kora), Johnny Cunningham (fiddle), Joanie Madden (whistle, low whistle), Matt Darriau (kaval, Irish flute, clarinet, bass clarinet), Ole Mathisen (clarinet), Jamshied Sharifi (synthesiser), Skuli Sverisson (electric bass), Benjamin Wittman (percussion). Wind arrangement by Jamshied Sharafi. Garry Leonard (guitar). Greg Anderson (bouzouki), Paddy League (bodhran), Todd Schietroma (cahones, shakers, caxixis, handclaps. Des More (guitar), Eilis Egan (box), Samir Chatterjee (tablas), Oliver Straus (handclaps), Wang Guowei (erhu), Eaman O'Leary (banjo), John Anthony (caxisis), Lunasa [Donough Hennessy (guitar), Kevin Crawford (whistles), Sean Smyth (fiddle), Trevor Hutchinson (acoustic bass)] on "To Fair London Town", Michelle Kinney (cello), Cillian Valelly (uilleann pipes).  The Scots songs "The Dark Haired Girl" was translated into Irish by Susan McKeown. The Irish song "Slan agus Beannact" was translated into English by Daithi O hOgain. The liner notes give the words to all the songs.



1. The Dark Haired Girl (An Nighean Dudh)(sung in Irish) Trad
2. John Coughlin Trad
3. The Hare's Lament Trad
4. Slan agus Beannact/ Goodbye and Farewell (sung in Irish) Trad
5. The Snows They Melt the Soonest (sung in English) Trad
6. Nansi Og Ni Obarlain/ Young Nancy Oberlin (sung in Irish) Trad
7. Lord Baker [Lord Bateman. Child Ballad 53] Trad
8. Dark Horse on the Wind (sung in English) Liam Weldon
9. The Lowlands of Holland Trad
10. Bonny Greenwoodside [Child Ballad 20] Trad
11. To Fair London Town Trad
12. The Moorlough Shore Trad

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