Tony MacMahon (b 1939)

Irish television producer and accordion-player, performing mainly traditional tunes.


Title.yearLabel number
Tony MacMahon1972 Gael Linn CEF 033
Sixteen Ninety One: Chants et dances Traditionelle d'Irlande1973 Arfolk SB 313
Traditional Irish Accordion 1992 Shanachie 34006
MacMahon From Clare 2000 MacMahon MACCD 001

Collaborations - Noel Hill and Tony MacMahon

Title.yearLabel number
I gCnoc na Grai1985 Gael-Linn CEF CD 114

Collaborations - Tony MacMahon, Iarla O'Lionaird and Noel Hill.

Title.yearLabel number
Aislingi Ceoil/ Music of Dreams1993 Gael-Linn CEF CD 164

Best Albums(*).

Title. year.
Traditional Irish Accordion1992

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Popular downloads.

Shalom Aleichem
Docherty's Return To Milltown
The Lament For the Viscount of Dundee
A Shepherd's Dream/ Onga Bucharesti
The Emigrant's Farewell

Anthology - Various artists including Tony MacMahon.

Title.yearLabel number
The Breeze From Erin1970 Topic 12T 184
Paddy in the Smoke 1967 Topic 12T176

Session recordings.

Boys of the LoughGood Friends 1978Transatlantic

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