Alison McMorland (b 1940)

Scottish singer, performing mainly traditional songs.


Title.yearLabel number
Belt Wi' Colours Three1977 TangentUTAN125
Cloudberry Day: Scots Songs and Ballads2000 Living Tradition  LTCD1003
White Wings2007 Greentrax CDTRAX306

Collaborations - Alison McMorland and the Excelsior Band

Title.yearLabel number
The Funny Family1977 ? 

Collaborations - Alison McMorland and Peta Webb

Title.yearLabel Number
Alison McMorland and Peta Webb1980 Topic  12TS403

Collaborations - Alison McMorland and Geordie McIntyre

Title.yearLabel number
Rowan in the Rock: Songs of Love Land and Nature2001 Living Tradition  LTCD3002
Ballad Tree2003 Living TraditionLTCD1051

Collaboration - Alison McMorland, Frankie Armstrong and Sandra Kerr.

Title.year.Label. number
My Song is My Own: Songs From Women Over the Centuries 1980Plane  PLT 001

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