McPeake Family

Irish family, singing traditional and contemporary songs.

(Also known as Clan McPeak)


The McPeake Family of Belfast 1961Prestige Ingternational 13018
Irish Traditional Songs: The McPeake Family 1962Topic 12T87
Irish Traditional Folk Songs and Music 1962Fontana ?
Wild Mountain Thyme (E.P.) 1963Topic TOP92
[Reissued as "Wild Mountain Thyme" with bonus tracks] 2009Topic 
Introducing The McPeake Family 1964FontanaMGF 27536 (mono)
[Simultaneous issue] 1964Fontana SRF 67536 (stereo)
[Reissued as "Irish Folk - The McPeake Family"]1964 FontanaSLF 13068 859 032 FZY
Welcome Home1965TDS LFX3
[Reissue]1969 EvolutionZ 1002
At Home With the McPeakes1965 FontanaSTL 5258
Ducks of Megherlin1965  
Pleasant And Delightful1967 FontanaSTL 5433
The McPeake Family - Voyages Autour du Monde: Irlande ?Fontana 687.947 TL
Irish To Be Sure1972 WindmillWMD 151
Clan McPeake1991  

Albums - Frank McPeake (born 1885) and Francie McPeake (his son)

The Rights of Man 1970s? (*)FolktraxFSA 60-176
(* Recorded in 1952)

Anthology - Harry Cox, Bob Roberts, Shirley Collins, Frank McPeake, Fred Lawson, Davy Stewart, Bob and Ron Copper etc.

Title. year. Label. number.
Folk Song Today (*)1955 HM DLP 1143

(*) 10 inch album.

Anthology - The Spinners, Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor, Martin Carthy, The Wolftones, The Corries, Julie Felix, Wally Whyton, the McPeakes et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Folk Favourites 1970Contour 6870 636

Anthologies - Various artists including McPeake Family, Seamus Ennis, Margaret Barry & Elizabeth Cronin.

Title.yearLabel Number
Traditional Songs of Ireland ? Saydisc CD-SDL 411

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