Christy Moore (born 1945)

Irish singer, singing mainly his own compositions and some traditional Irish songs. His songs often have social comment.

(Christy has recorded with Planxty and Moving Hearts).
(The album "Prosperous" is a prototype of Planxty).
(Dónal Lunny has recorded with Emmet Spiceland, Planxy, The Bothy Band, and Moving Hearts)


Paddy on the Road1969 Mercury20170 SMCL LP
Prosperous 1971 TaraTARA2008
[Reissue] 1995 TaraTARA CD 2008
Whatever Tickles your Fancy1975 Polydor2383 344
Christie Moore1976 Polydor2383 426
The Iron Behind The Velvet1978 Tara2002 
[Reissued] Tara 2002
Live In Dublin1978 Tara2005 
The Time Has Come1983  WEA IR0150a 
Ride On1984 WEA2292-40407-2 
The Spirit Of Freedom1985 Green LinnetSIF 3304
Ordinary Man1985 WEA 
Nice 'n' Easy1986  Polydor 
Unfinished Revolution1987  WEA 
Christy Moore1988 Atlantic 
Voyage1989  WEA 
[Reissue]2007 WEA 
Smoke and Strong Whisky1991  NewberryCM 21 
King Puck1993  EquatorATLASCD 003 
At The Point Live1994  Sony  
Graffiti Tongue1996  GrapevineGRACD 215 
Traveller2000  Sony 
This Is the Day2001  Sony 
Burning Times 2005 BMG 
Burning Times: Expanded Edition (2 CDs) 2007Sony/ BMG 
Live From Dublin 20062006  
Listen2009Sony/ BMG ?

Multi-volume albums.

Whatever Tickles your Fancy/ Christy Moore2004 ??


Folk Collection 1973 - 1978 1978Tara  
Christy Moore1988   
The Collection Part 1 81 - 91 1991 East West  WX 434
The Collection Part 21997 Grapevine GRACD 234 
[Reissue]2006 Song BMG  
The Box Set: 1964 - 2004 (6 CDs) 2004Sony/ Columbia  

Collaboration - Paul Brady, Sinead O'Connor, Kate Bush, Christy Moore, Davy Spillane et al.

Common Ground - Celtic Voice 1996EMI 

Best Albums(*).

Collection Part 1 81 - 911991
Collection Part 21979
Time Has Come1983
King Puck1993
Ride On1984

(*)Based on critical opinion.


Uncovered 2005 
Live From Dublin 2006 

Singles - Planxty.

Three Drunken Maidens1972 
Cliffs of Dooneen1972 
Timedance (12-inch)1981 
I Pity The Poor Immigrant1983 

Singles - solo.

Bunch of Thyme1975 
Humors of Ballymagash1975 
Nancy Spain1976 
Ninety Miles to Dublin Town1978 
Anti-Nuclear 12"1979 
John O'Dreams1980 
Music for H-Block1980 
The Time has Come1982 
Don't Forget Your Shovel/ Nancy Spain1983 
Don't Forget Your Shovel/ Lanigan's Ball1983 
The Knock Song/ Easter Snow1983 
The Wicklow Boy/ Faithful Departed1983 
Back Home In Derry1984 
Ride On1984 
Hey Ronnie Reagan1984 
The Ballad of Ballinamore/ Hey, Ronnie Reagan1984 
Delirium Tremens/ The Never Came Home1985 
Sweet Music Roll On/ Dying Soldier1985 
Ordinary Man1985 
God Woman1996 
Strange Ways1996 
The Raggle Taggle Gypsy1999 
One Last Cold Kiss2000 
So Do I2001 
January Man2002 

Hit albums.

Title.year.Highest position.
Smoke and Strong Whisky199149
The Collection Part 1 81 - 91199169
King Puck199366
Graffiti Tongue199635

Session recordings.

Sinéad O'ConnorSean-Nós Nua2002RandmRAMCD001

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