Mick Mulcahy

Irish button accordionist,  playing mainly traditional Irish tunes.

Solo album.

Title.yearLabel Number
Mick Mulcahy 1976Gael-LinnCEF 050
[Reissue]2009Gael-Linn CEFCD 050

Album - Mick Mulcahy and Friends.

Title.yearLabel Number
Agus Cairde 1990Gael-LinnCEF 144

Album - Mulcahy Family (Louise Mulcahy, Michelle Mulcahy and Mick Mulcahy)

Title.yearLabel Number
Mulcahy Family 2000Shanachie78039
Notes From the Heart2005 Clo Iar chonnachtaCICD 160
Reelin' In The Tradition2009 Copperplate Independent 

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