Na Fili

Irish group playing mainly traditional tunes.


An Ghoath Aniar (The West Wind) 1971 MercierIRL 9
[Reissue] (Download)2010 
Farewell To Connacht1972 OutletSOLP 1010
[Reissue] (CD)1994 OutletPTICD 1010
[Reissue] (Download)2010 
No Fili 3 1973 OutletSOLP 1017
[Reissue] (CD)?1994 OutletPTICD 1017
[Reissue] (CD)2004 Pure Traditional Irish?
[Reissue] (Download)2010 
A Kindly Welcome1974 DolphinDOL 1068
The Chanter's Tune1977   
[Reissue] 1978 TransatlanticTS-38.002

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