New Scorpion Band

English band, playing contemporary and traditional songs and tunes.

(Tim Laycock has recorded solo)
(Brian Gulland has recorded with Gryphon)


Title.Year.Label. Number
Folk Songs and Tunes From the British Isles1998 New Scorpion Band/ Private NSB 001
Why, Soldier, Why? Songs of Battles Lost and Won1995 Sound Alive SAMPP/CD/402
The Plains of Waterloo 2002 Goldheart/ Private GHP 04
The Carnal and the Crane 2002 New Scorpion Band NSB02
The Downfall of Pears 2004 New Scorpion Band NSB Records 002
Out on the Ocean 2004 New Scorpion Band NSB 003

Last updated on 07/10/2010