Gerry O'Connor (fiddle)

Irish fiddler, playing mainly traditional tunes.

(Gerry O'Connor has also recorded with Skylark and La Lugh) (There is another Gerry O'Connor, from "Four Men and a Dog". He plays banjo)


Title.Year.Label. Number
Journeyman2004 Lughnasa LUGCD962

Albums - Gerry O'Connor and Gilles Le Bigot.

Title.Year.Label. Number
In Concert2005 Lughnasa LUGCD963

Albums - Gerry O'Connor and Eithne Ni Uallachain.

Title.Year.Label. Number
La Lugh1991 Claddagh CCF29CD


Title. year. Label. No
Geantrai (*)  2006 Gael Linn CEFCD189

(* Includes contributions by Boys of the Lough, Joe Burke, Noel Hill and others)

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