Old Swan Band

English country dance band playing mostly English tunes.

(Paul Burgess has also recorded with the English Country Dance Band)
(Rod Stradling has recorded with Oak, the English Country Dance Band, the English Country Blues Band and solo)
(Danny Stradling has recorded with Oak)
(Martin Brinsford has recorded with the Brass Monkey, English Country Dance Band and John Kirkpatrick)
(Jo and Fi Fraser have recorded as the Fraser Sisters, and with Freya)
(Rod Stradling is editor of "Musical Traditions", formerly a paper magazine, now on-line)


No Reels1976Free ReedFRR011
[Reissued with extra tracks] 2008Free Reed 
Old Swan Brand1978Free ReedFRR028
[Reissued]2008Free Reed 
Gamesters, Pickpockets and Harlots1981DinglesDIN322
Old Swan Band (EP)1982?WaterfrontWF EP04
Swan-Upmanship2004Wild Goose RecordsWGS320CD


Still Swanning after All These Years1983Free Reed FRCD31

Anthologies - various artists including Old Swan Band.

Stepping Up (*)2004Topic TSCD752
fRoots 24 (**)2004  
This Label is Not Removable (3 CDs) 2007Free ReedFRTCD25
Hardcore English (***)2007 EDFSS?
(*) One track only - Walter Bulwer's Polkas Nos 2 & 1 (from No Reels).
(**) One track only - Church Street/Redwing/St Mary's (from Swan-Upmanship).
(***) Book with double CD

Anthology - John Kirkpatrick, Benji Kirkpatrick, The Old Swan Band, Martin Carthy, Eliza Carthy, Sara Grey, Bob Cann, Waterson/Carthy, Rosie Doonana and Ben Murry et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Evolving Tradition 4 - Generations2004 Mrs CaseyMCRCD4002

Album tracks.

Swan-Upmanship Running time 59 minutes 56 seconds. Released 2004. John Adams (trombone, fiddle), Martin Brinsford (percussion), Paul Burgess (fiddle), Fi Fraser (fiddle), Jo Freya (tenor saxophone, whistle), Neil Gledhill (bass saxophone), Flos Headford (fiddle), Heather Horsley (keyboard). There is an uncredited harmonica on some tracks.


1. The Green-Clad Hills/ Jimmy Garson's MarchTrad/ Trad
2. Jack Robinson/ William Irwin's No 3/ The TipputsTrad/ Trad/ Paul and Jane Burgess
3. Steamboat Hornpipe/ Gloucester HornpipeTrad/ Trad
4. (General Ward  - false start) 
5. General Ward/ The Day RoomPaul Burgess/ Paul Burgess
6. Winster Gallop/ Four-Hand Reel/ Dark Girl Dressed in BlueTrad/ Trad/ Trad
7. Church Street/ Redwing/ St Mary'sTrad/ Kerry Mills/ Trad
8. Flowers of Edinburgh/ Soldier's Joy/ Morpeth RantTrad/ Trad/ Trad
9. Wenlock Edge/ Summer's WaltzTrad/ Ale Möller
10. Flowers of Edinburgh (Longborough Morris Dancers version)Trad
11. Schottis Fran Havero/ Another Fine MessTrad (Swedish)/ Trad
12. 'George Green's College Hornpipe'Trad
13. Basquet of Oysters/ Sally Sloane'sTrad/ Trad
14. Freedom of Ireland/ Kitchen GirlTrad/ Trad
15. Beatrice Hill's Three-Hand ReelTrad
16. Ger The Rigger/ Mickey Chewing Bubble GumTrad/ Terry 'Cuz' Teahan


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