The Oyster Band

English band, playing, in their early years, traditional tunes.

(Also recorded under the name Oyster Ceilidh Band and as Osyterband [one word])
(They evolved into a dreadful rock and roll band.)
(Several members also recorded with Fiddler's Dram.)
(Cathy Lesurf has recorded with Fairport Convention.)
(Cathy Lesurf, Alan Prosser and Ian Telfer recorded with the Albion Band.)


Jack's Alive1980 Dingle'sDIN 309 
English Rock 'n' Roll - The Early Years1982Pukka RecordsYOP 01 
Lie Back and Think of England 1983Pukka RecordsYOP 04
20 Golden Tie-Slackeners1984Pukka RecordsYOP 06
20 Golden Tie-Slackeners plus1984Running Man RMCD4


Title year. Label.
The 25th Anniversary Concert 2005  

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