Chris Parkinson

English accordion-player. Traditional and contemporary tunes.

(Chris has recorded with Yorkshire Relish and The House Band)


Title.year.Label. Number
Parky (cassette) 1988  
[Reissue] (CD) 1997  
Out of his Tree 1994Pan 

Collaboration - John Kirkpatrick and Chris Parkinson.

Sultans of Squeeze2005 Fledg'ling?

Session recordings.

John GoodluckSpeed The Plough1975
Dave BurlandCan''t Fool The Fat Man 1975
Yorkshire Relish An Old Family Business1980
The House BandThe House Band1985
Norma WatersonThe Very Thought of You1999
Martin Carthy Signs of Life1998
Ralph McTellRed Sky2000
Martin SimpsonThe Bramble Briar2001
Steve TilstonReaching Back 2007

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