Niamh Parsons (b c 1960)

Irish singer of contemporary and traditional songs.

(Niamh has recorded with Birkin Tree)


Title.year.Label. Number
Loosely Connected1992 Greentrax52
[Reissue] 1995Green Linnet GLCD 3094
Loosen Up1997 Green Linnet GLCD 1167
Blackbirds and Thrushes1999 Green Linnet GLCD 1197
In My Prime2000 Green Linnet GLCD 1203
Heart's Desire2002 Green Linnet GLCD 1219
The Old Simplicity (*)2006 Green Linnet GLCD 1232

(* with Graham Dunne.)

Collaboration - Niamh Parsons and Graham Dunne

Title.yearLabel Number
Live at Fylde2005 Grasham Records GDCD 002

Best Albums(*).

Title. year.
In My Prime2000
Blackbirds and Thrushes1999

(*) Based on critical opinion.

Popular downloads.

The Water is Wide
Fear A Bhata
An Paistin Fionn
Bonny Woodhall
My Lagan Love

Anthologies - various artists including Niamh Parsons

Title.yearLabel Number
Her Infinite Variety (2 CDs) 1998 Green Linnet  GLCD 107
Joyful Noise ?1999 Green Linnet GLCD 108
Song of the Green Linnet (2 CDs)2000 Green Linnet GLCD 109
Nua Teorainn 2000 Green Linnet GLCD 1204
A Thistle and Shamrock Christmas Ceilidh2000 Green Linnet GLCD 1208
25 Years of Celtic Music (2 CDs)2001 Green Linnet GLCD 1010
The Rough Guide to Celtic Music2005 ? RGNET1155

Anthologies - story-telling (no songs) - Seosaimhin Ni Bheaghlaoich, Eimear Quinn and Niamh Parsons.

Title.yearLabel Number
Classic Irish Legends ? ? HBCD0021

Session recordings.

Performer. Title year. Label. number.
Birkin Tree 3 2003    

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