Patrick Street

Irish band playing traditional and contemporary Irish tunes, and traditional and contemporary songs.

(Kevin Burke has also recorded with the Bothy Band and Open House)
(Andy Irvine has also recorded with Planxy, Sweeney's Men and solo)
(Jackie Daly has also recorded with De Danaan and solo)
(Declan Masterson was a member on one album - Irish Times. He has recorded solo.)
(Arty McGlynn has recorded with Enya and Van Morrison, Nollaig Casey, Moving Hearts, Four Men and Dog and has done lots of session recordings)
(Ged Foley has recorded with The Battlefield Band and The House Band)


Patrick Street 1986Green Linnet 1071
No 2 Patrick Street1988Green Linnet 1088
Irish Times1990Green Linnet 1105
[Reissue] 2007Green Linnet  
All In Good Time1993Green Linnet 1125
Corner Boys1996Green Linnet GLCD 1160 
Made In Cork1997 Green LinnetGLCD 1184 
Live From Patrick Street1998 Green LinnetGLCD 1194
Street Life2002 Green LinnetGLCD 1222
On the Fly2007 LoftusLM002


The Best of1998 ReactiveREMCD 502
Compendium (The Best of Patrick Street)2000 Green LinnetGLCD 1207

Best Albums(*).

Title. year.
Patrick Street1986
Corner Boys1996
No 2 Patrick Street1988

(*) Based on critical opinion.

Popular downloads.

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Anthology - Various artists including Patrick Street.

The Irish Folk Festival - Jubilee 1991WundertuteTUTCD 72.7491

Album tracks.

The Best of Patrick Street Running time 76 minutes 20 seconds. Released 1995. Tracks taken from  the debut album "Patrick" Street" (4 tracks), "No 2 Patrick Street" (5 tracks), "Irish Times" (4 tracks) and "All In Good Time" (5 tracks). Andy Irvine (vocals, mandolin, bouzouki), Kevin Burke (fiddle), Jackie Daly (accordion), Arty McGlynn (guitar), James Kelly (fiddle), Bill Whelan (keyboard), Declan Masterson (uilleann pipes), Gerry O'Beirne (guitar).


1. Patrick Street/ The Carraroe JigTrad/ Trad
2. Dennis Murphy's Reel/ The Bag of Spuds/ MacFarley's ReelTrad/ Trad/ Trad
3. Facing The Chair (song)Andy Irvine
4. Brian O'Lynn/ The Woods of Old LimerickTrad/ Trad
5. The Shores Of Lough Gowna/ Contentment Is Wealth/ Have A Drink On MeTrad/ Trad/ Trad
6. A Prince Among Men (Only A Miner) (song)Andy Irvine
7. Carherlistrane Jig/ Gallowglass Jig/ Kanturk JigJackie Daly
8. A Forgotten Hero (song)Andy Irvine
9. Frank Quinn's Reel/ Lad O'Beirne's/ Murphy's ReelTrad/ Trad/ Trad
10. Music For A Found HarmoniumS Jeffes
11. The Holy Ground (song)Gerry O'Beirne
12. Hard By Seifin/ Woodcock HillTrad/ Trad
13. The Mouth of the Tobique/ Billy WilsonTrad/ Trad
14. William Taylor (song)Trad
15. Mrs O'Sullivan's Jig/ Caliope HouseDave Richardson
16. The Newmarket Polkas (Walshe's Polka/ Dan Mac's Polka/ Terry Teahan's Polka)Trad/ Trad/ Trad
17. Lintheads: The Pride of the Springfield Road (song)/ Lawrence Common/ Goodbye Monday Blues (song)Andy Irvine and Si Kahn
18. Sweeney's ReelJackie Daly

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