English band, playing mainly hybrid celtic-folk-jazz-blues versions of traditional American and UK songs. Also some instrumentals.

(Bert Jansch has also recorded solo)
(John Renbourn has also recorded with Bert Jansch, Stefan Grossman, Robin Williams and solo)
(Danny Thompson has also recorded with John Martyn, Richard Thompson, Kate Bush, Eric Clapton and Hannes Wader)
(Danny Thompson and Gerry Cox were in Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated)
(Jacqui McShee has recorded with John Renbourn Group and David Hughes)
(Rod Clemens has also recorded with Lindisfarne)
(Terry Cox recorded with Roy Orbison, David Bowie and Elton John)
(Gerry Conway has also recorded with Jethro Tull, Chris Leslie, Maddy Prior, Tim Hart, Shirley Collins, Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span)

Original Studio Albums.

The Pentangle1968Transatlantic TRA 162
[simultaneous issue]1968 Reprise (USA)RSLP63
[Reissue]1988Transatlantic/LineTACD 9.00549
[Reissue]1998Wooded HillHILLCD7
[Reissue]2001CastleCMRCD 131
[Reissue]2008 Sanctuary 
Sweet Child1968TransatlanticTRA 178
[simultaneous issue]1968 Reprise (USA)2RS6334
[Reissue]1988Transatlantic/LineTACD 9.00552
[Reissue]2001CastleCMRCD 132
[Reissue with bonus tracks] (2 CDs) 2008Sanctuary 
Basket Of Light 1969TransatlanticTRA 205
[simultaneous issue]1969 Reprise (USA)R56372
[Reissue]1981Transatlantic (LP)TRS 114
[Reissue]1981Transatlantic (cassete)KTRS114
[Reissue]1987Transatlantic/LineTACD 9.00555
[Reissue]1989Transatlantic/DemonTRANDEMCD 7
[Reissue]1996EssentialESMCD 406
[Reissue]2001CastleCMRCD 207
[Reissue]2008 Sanctuary 
Cruel Sister1970Transatlantic (GB)TRA 228
[simultaneous issue]1970 RepriseRS6430
[Reissue]1970Transatlantic (Germany?)44005
[Reissue]1977TransatlanticXTRA 1172
[Reissue]1988TransatlanticTACD 44.055
[Reissue]2001CastleCMRCD 206
[Reissue]2008 Sanctuary 
Reflection1971TransatlanticTRA 240
[simultaneous issue]1971RepriseR56463
[Reissue]2008 Sanctuary 
Solomon's Seal1972Reprise (GB) K 44197
[Reissue]1972Reprise (USA)2100
[Reissue]2003 CastleCMQCD555
[Reissue]2008 Sanctuary 
Open The Door1985Spindrift SPIN 111
[Reissue]19??Varrick (LP)VR017
[Reissue]1985Varrick (cassette)CRV017
[Reissue]2006 Talking Elephant?
In The Round1986Plšne (LP)88505
[Reissue]1986SpindriftSPIN 120
[Reissue]1988Plšne (CD)CD88505
[Reissue]1990Varrick (LP)VR026
[Reissue]1988Varrick (CD)CDVR026
[Reissue]1990EpisodeCD 2001
[Reissue]?Castle ?
[Reissue] 2006Talking Elephant ?
So Early In The Spring1988 Plšne88648
[Reissue]1989Green Linnet (cassette)CS1F3048
[Reissue]1989Green Linnet (LP)51F3048
[Reissue]1989Green Linnet (CD)GLCD3048
[Reissue]1996ParkPRK CD 35
[Reissue]1997 Spindrift?
Think Of Tomorrow 1991 Permanent PERM CD 3
[Reissue]1991 Ariola/Hypertension883 697/HYCD 200 112
[Reissue]1991Green LinnetGLCD 3057
[Reissue]2005 Hypertension?
One More Road1993Permanent (CD) PERM CD 11
[Reissue]? PermanentSPV 084-92962
[Reissue]1993Permanent (cassette)PERMMC
About Thyme1995Hypertension  

Albums - Jackie McShee's Pentangle.

Passe Avant1998Park Records  
At The Little Theatre2000Park RecordsPRLCD 53
Feoffees' Lands2005GJS 

Albums - Jackie McShee, Gerry Conway and Spencer Cozens.

About Thyme1995 GJSGJSCD012 
[Reissue]2000HypertensionHYP 5156

Multi-volume Albums.

One More Road/ Live 1994 (2 CDs) 2007Hux?


History Book1971TransatlanticTRANSAM23
[Reissue]1981Transatlantic (LP)TRS106
[Reissue]1981Transatlantic (cassette)KTRS106
The Pentangle Collection1975Transatlantic8950314
Anthology (double)1978TransatlanticMTRA201
[Reissue]?EssentialESACD 852
[Reissue]2000EssentialESACD 857
At their Best1982Cambra (LP)CR054
[Reissue]1982Cambra (cassette)CRT54
Essential Pentangle vol 11987Transatlantic TRA LP/CD 602
Essential Pentangle vol 21987TransatlanticTRA LP/CD 606
Collection1988Castle (LP)CCLP184
[Reissue]1988Castle (cassette)CCSMC18
[Reissue]1988Castle (CD)CCSCD18
[Reissued as "Heritage"]2005EMI 
A Maid That's Deep in Love1989ShanachieSHANCD 79066
The Complete Pentangle1990Tellydisc 
Early Classics1992Shanachie (cassette)SHANCD 79078
People on The Highway 1968-19711992/3TransatlanticTDEMCD1
[Reissue]1994HyperionHY 20011-2
The Collection1994CastleCCSCD184
In Your Mind1995Ariola Express2/4 95943
Light Flight (1 CD)1997 Delta?
The Pentangle Family2000EssentialESACD 931
Light Flight: The Anthology (2 CDs)2002Essential/ Sanctuary81163
[Reissue]2006 Sanctuary/ Castle72357
[Reissue] 2006 Castle1283
Greatest Hits?2004Direct Source 
Pentangling: The Collection (Box set) (3 CDs)2006 Sanctuary 
The Time Has Come 1967 - 1973 (Box Set) (4 CDs) (*)2007 Sanctuary/ CastleCMXBX664 

(*) Rarities, out-takes and concert performances.

Live Albums.

Live 19941995Hypertension 200152 
Live at the BBC1995Band of JoyBOJCD 013
Pentangle on Air (BBC 1969 - 72)1997/8Strange FruitSFRSCD 046
The Lost Broadcasts: 1968 - 1971 (2 CDs) 2004Hux Records/ BBC HUX049CD

Best Albums(*).

Basket of Light 1969
Sweet Child 1968
The Pentangle 1968
Light Flight: The Anthology 2000

(*) According to critical opinion.

Various artists - Devil's Interval, James Raynard, Julie Murphy, Lisa Knapp, Barry Dransfield, James Yorkston & The Athletes, Circulus, Tom Paxton, Jacqui McShee's Pentangle, Shirley Collins et al.

Title. year. Label. No.
Old Wine, New Skins2007 ? 


Pentangle - Captured Live2003 
Jacqui McShee - Pentangle In Concert 2007 
Folk Rock Legends (Steeleye Span and Pentangle)2003 


Title.year.Label. Number
Travelling Song/ Mirage1968Transatlantic BIG109
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme/ Way Behind the Sun1968Reprise0784
Once I Had A Sweetheart/I Saw an Angel1969 BIG T/Transatlantic BIG124
Light Flight/ Market Song1970  
Light Flight/ Market Song/ The Time Has Come1973 BIG TBIG 567 
Dragon Fly/ The Dolphin1985  
Play The Game/ Saturday Movie1986Making WavesSURF 107
Set Me Free/ Come To Me Easy1986Making WavesSURF 121

Hit singles.

Title.year.Highest position.
Once I Had A Sweetheart/I Saw an Angel1969 46
Light Flight/ Market Song/ The Time Has Come1973 43

Hit albums.

Title.year.Highest position.
The Pentangle1968 21
Basket Of Light 19695
Cruel Sister1970 51

Popular downloads.

Light Flight
Sally Go Round The Roses
The Cuckoo
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
Once I Had A Sweetheart
Train Song
Hunting Song
House Carpenter


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