Brian Peters

English singer and button-accordion player, performing mainly traditional tunes.


Title.year.Label. Number
The Seeds of Time 1992Harbourtown HAR 021
Squeezing Out Sparks 1994Pugwash PUG CD 001
Sharper Than The Thorn 1996Pugwash PUG CD 002
The Beast In The Box 1998Pugwash PUG CD 003
Lines 2001Pugwash PUG CD 004
Different Tongues 2003Pugwash PUG CD 005
Anglophilia 2005Pugwash PUG CD 006
Songs of Trial and Triumph (*) 2008Pugwash PUG CD 007
(* Child ballads)

Collaboration - Brian Peters and Gordon Tyrrell.

Title. year. Label. No.
Clear The Road1996 HarbourtownHAR 031 
The Moving Moon1996 ?GAH CDE 03

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