Philip Pickett with Richard Thompson

Collaboration between English early music specialist and English rock guitarist performing obscure tunes whose composer is unknown. Some period instruments are used.

(Philip Pickett has recorded with the Albion Band and is leader of "The Musicians of the Globe" and "The New London Consort")
(Richard Thompson has recorded solo, with Fairport Convention and with several other artists)

Phil Pickett With Richard Thompson and The Fairport Rhythm Section.

The Bones of All Men1998 HannibalHNCD 1416

Album tracks.

The Bones of All Men Running time 45 minutes 29 seconds. Released 1998. Philip Pickett (records, crumhorns, shawms, curtals, symphony), Richard Thompson (lead electric guitar), Simon Nicol (rhythm guitar), Dave Pegg (electric bass), Dave Mattacks (drums), Pavlo Beznosiuk (medieval fiddle), Sharona Joshua (virginals, fretted clavichord, regal organ, dulce melos - Renaissance piano). All tracks are instrumentals. Produced by Joe Boyd.



1. The Short Mesure Off My Lady Wynfylds Rownde Trad/unknown c1630
2. Chi Passa Per Sta Strada Trad/unknown 1557
3a. Fusi Pavana Piana Trad/unknown 1551
3b. La Canella Trad/unknown c1520
3c. Son Quel Duca de Milano Trad/unknown c1520
3d. La Torza Trad/unknown c1520
4a. La Forze d'Hercole Trad/unknown 1551
4b. Lo Ballo Dell'Intorcia Trad/unknown 1576
5. My Lady Careys Dompe Trad/unknown c1630
6. Tutte Venite Armati Trad/unknown 
7a. Passo e Mezo Trad/unknownc1520
7b. Pavana In Passo e Mezzo Trad/unknown c1520
7c. La Cara Cossa del Berdolin Trad/unknown c1520
7d. El Pomo de lo Pomaro Trad/unknown c1520
7e. El Marchexe de Saluzzo Trad/unknown c1520
8a. Ein Guter Neuer Dantz Trad/unknown 1577
8b. Tedesca Dita La Proficia Trad/unknown 1588
8c. Der Mohren Auftzugkh Trad/unknown 1598
8d. Branle Hoboken Trad/unknown c1630

- London British Library manuscript R.App.58 (track 1)
- Il Primo Libro de vollette. published Venice 1557 (track 2)
- Intavolatura nova di dalli. published Gardane, Venice 1551 (track 3a, 4a)
- Venice Bibl Maraciana. Manuscript Ital IV.1227 c 1520 
	(tracks 3b, 3c, 3d, 7a, 7b, 7c, 7d, 7e)
- Intavolatura de Cimbalo. published Aquila, Naples 1576 (track 4b)
- London British Library R.App.58 (track 5)
- Paris Biblioteque National Manuscript Res 1186 (track 6)
- Einer Neuen Kunstlichen Tabulature auff Orgel, Manuscript Strassburg 1577 (track 8a)
- Il secondo libro d'intavolatura di balli, Gardane, Venice 1588 (track 8b)
- Tabulature auff dem Instrument, manuscript Dresden 1598 (track 8c)
- Dublin, Trinity College TCD manuscript D.3.30 [Dublin Virginal Book] (track 8d))

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