The Posh Band

English instrumental band playing traditional English dance tunes.

(Ken Lees has also recorded with Webb's Wonders)
(John Adams has recorded with Muckram Wakes and The New Victory Band).


English 1999GX-TraditionTMM1927CD

Anthology - The Posh Band, Katie's Quartet, Tickled Pink, Moor Music, Peeping Tom et al.

English Ceilidh Bands Volume 2 2005Coughing Dog Music COF 0503

Album tracks.

English Running time : 62 minutes 29 seconds .Simon Ritchie (melodeon, step dancing, percussion), Ed Caines (fiddle), Sue Bainbridge (piano, vocals, mouth organ), Ken Lees (banjo, tenor guitar, piano), John Adams (piano on 2 tracks). All the tracks apart from the last are instrumentals.



1. Duke of Cornwall's ReelTrad
2. Monday Morning/Up The SidesTrad/Trad
3. Sussex PolkaTrad
4. The Weymouth QuickstepTrad
5. Scotch Polka/Untitled PolkaTrad/Trad
6. The ValiantSimon Ritchie
7. Town Green PolkaTrad
8. The Ball/ The NightingaleTrad/Trad
10. Buttered Peas/ Butter PeasTrad
11. The Ripple Of The TeignBob Cann
12. George Privett's Polka/ Pete Wyper'sTrad
13. James Higgins/ The VillagersTrad
14. My Father's PolkaTrad
15. La Calantha/ The Plain ScottischeTrad
16. Love Is Pleasing (vocal)Trad

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