Maddy Prior (b 1947)

English vocalist singing traditional songs and contemporary songs, including some written by herself.

(Maddy Prior has also recorded with Steeleye Span, Tim Hart, June Tabor, The Carnival Band, Steve Ashley, Shirley Collins, Frankie Armstrong, Mike Oldfield, Dave Goulder, Wizz Jones, Jethro Tull and Ayuo Takahashi)
(Rick Kemp and Peter Knight have also recorded with Steeleye Span)
(Troy Doneckley has also recorded with Iona, You Slosh, Mostly Autumn and solo)

(Maddy did session work on "Voice Union"(1997)(various artists) and "Freeborn John" (1997)(Rev Hammer))


Woman in The Wings 1978ChrysalisCHR 1185
Changing Winds 1978ChrysalisCHR 1203
Hooked On Winning 1981  
Happy Families1982  
Year1993 ParkPRKCD20
Memento (best of)1995  
Flesh and Blood1997 ParkPRKCD38
Arthur The King2001 ParkPRKCD58 
Bib and Tuck (*)2002  
Under the Covers (**)2005  
Seven For Old England2008 Pinnacle 
(*) "Maddy Prior and The Girls"
(**) "Maddy + Girls" (Abbie Lathe and Claudia Gibson)

Collaborations - Maddy Prior with John Kirkpatrick and Sydney Carter.

Lovely In The Dance 1981  

Collaborations - Maddy Prior, Linda Adams, John Wright and Janet Russell.

Fyre and Sword: Songs of the Border Reivers 2000Fellside 

Collaboration - Karan Casey, Flook, Fairport Convention, Cillian Vallely, Jacqui McShee, Justin Hayward, Carlos Nunez, Maddy Prior et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Excalibur II (*) 2007EMI ?

(* one track only - "The Girl and The Demon".)

Collaboration/ Tribute - Dick Gaughan, Billy Bragg, Maddy Prior, Richard Thompson, Teddy Thompson, Christy Moore, Blue Murder etc.

Title. year. Label. number.
Shining Bright: The Songs of Lal and Mike Waterson 2009 Topic ?


Collections 1995 - 2005 2005Park 
Hooked On Glory (2 CDs) (*)2010Park 

(* credited to "The Maddy Prior Band".)

Compilation - tracks drawn from Maddy's back catalogue and Mellstock Band's back catalogue.

O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing:  18th Century Gallery Hymns 2009Portrait ClassicsPCL1010 

Live Albums.

Title. year. Label. number.
Ballads and Candles (live) 2000 Park ?
The Quest (CD + DVD)2007 Park 

Anthology - Frankie Armstrong, Maddy Prior, Cyril Tawney, The Watersons, Peta Webb, A.L. Lloyd, Roy Bailey, Linda Adams, Peter Bellamy, Patti Reid, John Kirkpatrick, Martin Carthy, Shirley Collins, Swan Arcade, June Tabor et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Voices - English Traditional Songs 1992 Fellside FECD 87
[Reissue]1999 Musica PangaeaMP10004

Anthology - Maddy Prior, John Kirkpatrick, Frankie Armstrong, Nic Jones, Gordeanna McCulloch, Martin Wyndham-Read, John Wright et al.

Ballads 1997FellsideFECD 110

Anthology - Maddy Prior, Blowzabella, Incredible String Band, Celtarabia et al.

Strange Coincidences in Speciality Tea Trading 2005Osmosis OSMO 27 

Anthology - Maddy Prior, Withches of Eastwick, Linda Adams, Frankie Armstrong et al.

Women Folk 2005Fellside 

Anthology - Maddy Prior, Steeleye Span, The Guitar Orch.

Park Records Taster 1997Park 

Anthology - Maddy Prior, Martin Carthy, John Tams, Ray Fisher, Home Service, Fairport Convention, Roy Bailey, John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris.

All Through the Years 1994Green LinnetGLCD 3069 

Various artists - Tribute album: Bonnie Raitt, June Tabor, Maddy Prior, Martin Carthy, REM, David Byrne, Graham Parker et al.

Beat The Retreat (vinyl) 1994 EMIEST 2242 (UK)
[Reissue] (CD)1994 Capitol95929 (USA)
[Reissue] (CD)2006 EMI7243 8 31482 2 6/CDEST 2242

Session recordings.

Steve AshleySpeedy Return1975  
Wizz JonesMagical Flight 1977  
Dave GoulderRequiem For Steam?1980Big Ben 
Frankie ArmstrongTill The Grass O' Ergrow The Corn1996Fellside 
The StrawbsBlue Angel2003  
Michael ChapmanDogs Got More Sense   
Jennifer Cutting (*)Ocean: Songs For The Night Sea Journey2005  
The LevellersDVD: Chaos Theory Live2006  
Ken NicolThirteen Reasons 2007MVS CD013
Rev Hammer Freeborn John Live (**) 2007  

(*) with Troy Donockley and Peter Knight.
(** 1 CD + 1 DVD, recorded 2005)


Ballads and Candles2004 

Best Albums(*).

Arthur The King 2001

(*)Based on critical opinion.


Title.year.Label. Number
Rollercoaster/ I Told You So1978Chrysalis  
Baggy Pants/ Woman in the Wings1978Chrysalis  
Just the Two of Us/ Acappella Stella1979Chrysalis  
Wake up England/ Paradise1980EMI  
The King/ Ringing Down the Years1980Plant Life.  
To Face/ Half Listening1982Virgin  
Deep in the Darkest Night/ Western Movies1983RCA/ Spindrift  
Stookie/ Incidental Music From "Stookie"1985Making Waves  
Happy Families/ Who's Sorry Now?1990Park Records PRKS 3
I Saw Three Ships/ Quem Pastores/ Monsieur Charpentier's Christmas Swing (*)1991 Park Records PRKS 0
I Saw Three Ships (Dance Doctor's Christmas Re-Mix)/ The Boar's Head/ Poor Little Jesus (*) 1992Park Redords PRK CD16
All Around My Hat (**)1996 PolyGram TV 575 945-2
Forgiveness (***)2000Virgin  
Gaudete/ Greenwood Side/ Gaudete (extended mix) (#) 2001Park  PRKCD 424
(*) by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.
(**) by Status Quo with Maddy Prior (other tracks without Maddy Prior).
(***) by Jennifer Cutting All-Stars (Jennifer Cutting, Maddy Prior, John Jennings
 and Dave Mattacks)
(#) by Keltic Fusion (Troy Donockley, Nick Holland, Rose Kemp, Jacqui McShee 
and (sampled) Maddy Prior.)

Popular downloads.

Autumn: Marigold/ Harvest Home
Somewhere Along The Road
Hind Horn
Deep in the Darkest Night
Gutter Cheese
Deep in the Darkest Night

Album tracks.

Ravenchild Running time 52 minutes 08 seconds. Recorded 1999. Released on CD in 1999. Maddy Prior (vocals), Mick Holland (keyboards, backing vocals), Troy Donockley (Uilleann pipes, electric and acoustic guitars, low whistle, tin whistle, cittern, backing vocals), Terl Bryant (drums and percussion), Nick Beggs (chapman stick). Produced by Troy Donockley and Nick Holland. Engineered by Steve Watkins. Recorded at Warehouse Studios, Oxford. Tracks 3,4 and 5 are continuous. Tracks 3 to 6 have the heading "With Napoleon in Russia". Tracks 7 to 12 have the heading "In the Company of Ravens".



1. TwankydilloTraditional 2m 57s
2. Bold PoachersTraditional 4m 12s 
3. Boney
(Shanty: "Boney was a Warrior")
Traditional 1m 51s
4.. Scorched Earth
("Bonny Bunch of Roses")
Traditional 4m 21s 
5. LootWords: M Prior/ Tune: Trad 5m 0s
6. Rigs of the TimesWords: M Prior/ Tune: Trad 4m 6s 
7. In the Company of RavensMaddy Prior 3m 9s
8. Young BloodsMaddy Prior 4m 9s
9. The Masts of MorriganMaddy Prior 3m 42s 
10. Rich PickingsMaddy Prior 4m 32s
11. RavenchildMaddy Prior 3m 0s
12. Dance on the WindMaddy Prior 3m 56s 
13. Great Silkie of Sules SkerryTraditional 6m 56s

Ballads and Candles Running time 66 minutes 53 seconds. Recorded from concert performances during a tour of Cambridge, London and Warwick in 1999/2000. Released on CD in 2000. Maddy Prior (vocals), June Tabor (vocals), Rose Kemp (vocals), Steve Banks (percussion), Troy Doneckley (guitar, uilleann pipes, low and tin whistle, cittern, vocals), Nick Holland (keyboards, vocals), Rick Kemp (bass, vocals), Peter Knight (violin).



1. BlacksmithTraditional
2. Blood and Gold (song) / Mohacs (tune)Trad (Romania)/ Dan Ar Bras
3. Boar's HeadTraditional
4. A Virgin Most PureUnknown
5. All In The MorningTraditional
6. Sing, Sing All Earth (Shepherds Arise)Traditional (Copper Family)
7. Doffing MistressTraditional
8. Betsy Bell and Mary GrayTraditional
9. Hind Horn [Child Ballad]Traditional
10. Singing The TravelsTraditional
11. Long ShadowsMaddy Prior
12. The KingTraditional
13. RoseMaddy Prior
14. Mother and ChildMaddy Prior
15. AlexMaddy Prior
16. My Husband's Got No Courage In HimTraditional
17. Blackleg MinerTraditional
18. Padstow May SongTraditional


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