Maddy Prior and The Carnival Band

English vocalist singing traditional and medieval songs. Instrumental group playing old and modern instruments.

(Maddy Prior has also recorded with Steeleye Span, Tim Hart, June Tabor, Shirley Collins, Frankie Armstrong, Mike Oldfield, Jethro Tull and Ayuo Takahashi)
(The Carnival Band have recorded an album without Maddy.)
(Rafael Mizraki has recorded with The Dufay Collective.)
(Giles Lewin has recorded with Alva, Bellowhead and the Dufay Collective.)


A Tapestry of Carols1986Saydisc SDL 366
Sing Lustily & With Good Courage 1990Saydisc SDL 383
Carols and Capers1991 ParkPRK CD9 
Hang Up Sorrow and Care1995ParkPRKCD 31
Carols At Christmas1998ParkPRKCD 45
[Reissue]2008 Park 
Paradise Found2007 ParkPRKCD 94
Ringing the Changes2007 ParkPRKCD 98
English Folk Carols2008 Portrait 
Oh For a Thousand Tongues To Sing (*) 2009 Portrait 
Vaughan Williams: Carols, Songs and Hymns 2010 Park 

(* with The Mellstock Band)

Live Albums.

An Evening of Carols and Capers (2 CDs)(*) 2006ParkPRKCD86

(* Live versions of songs from "A Tapestry of Carols" plus some from "Carols and Capers")

Best Albums(*).

Tapestry of Carols1987
Sing Lustily With Good Courage1990
Hang Up Sorrow And Care1995
Carols and Capers 1983

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Anthology - Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band, Cherish the Ladies, Boys of the Lough, Waterson:Carthy, Dordan, Druidstoe, Nowell Sing We Clear et al.

Comfort and Joy: A Christmas Celtic Sojourn 2003Rounder11661-7055-2


An Evening of Carols and Capers (*)2005 

(* Recorded 2003)


Title.year.Label. Number
I Saw Three Ships/ Quem Pastores/ Monsieur Charpentier's Christmas Swing (*)1991 Park Records  
I Saw Three Ships (Dance Doctor's Christmas Re-Mix)/ The Boar's Head/ Poor Little Jesus (*) 1992Park Redords  
Stuff (**)2007 Park Records PRK CD99
(*) by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.
(**) by "Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band featuring oddly enough Terry Jones".

Popular downloads.

I Saw Three Ships
Monsieur Charpentier's Christmas Stomp
A|way in a Manger
Poor Little Jesus
The Boar's Head
Cradle Song
Turkey in the Straw, Whiskey Before Breakfast

Album tracks.

A Tapestry of Carols Running time 51 minutes 05 seconds. Recorded and released in 1987. Maddy Prior (vocals), Bill "Steno" Badley (baroque guitar, guitar, gittern, banjo, mandolin, mandocello, cittern, vocals), Andrew "Jub" Davis (Double Bass), Charles Fullbrook (tabors, basel trommel, glockenspiel, bells, wood blocks, triangle, cymbals, vocals), Giles Lewin (violin, recorders, vocals), Andrew Watts (Flemish bagpipes, bassoon, curtal, clarinet, recorders, shawm, vocals). Arrangements by Andrew Watts. 'Angels From The Realms Of Glory' arranged by Andrew Watts and Giles Lewin.



1. The Sans Day CarolTraditional Cornish
2. In Dulci JubiloGerman 14th Cent
3. God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenTraditional English
4. It Came Upon The Midnight ClearTune trad Eng, words EH Sears
5. The Holly and the IvyTraditional English
6. The Coventry CarolEnglish 16th Cent
7. Ding Dong Merrily On HighTune: Thoinot Arbeau (1520 - 1595), words G. R. Woodward (1848 - 1934)
8. The Angel GabrielTune trad Basque, words S Baring-Gould
9. Angels From The Realms of GloryTune trad French, words J Montgomery
10. Infant HolyTraditional Polish
11. A Virgin Most PureTraditional English
12. Unto Us A Boy Is BornGerman Medieval
13. Rejoice And Be MerryTraditional English
14. Joseph DearestGerman 16th Cent
15. Personent HodieGerman 14th Cent
16. On Christmas Night (Sussex Carol)Traditional English

Hang Up Sorrow and Care Running time ?. Recorded and released in 1995. Maddy Prior (vocals), William "Steno" Badley (baroque guitar, lute, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo mandolin, vocals), Andrew "Jub" Davis (Double Bass), Giles Lewin (violin, recorders, hoboy, mandolin, vocals), Andrew Watts (Flemish bagpipes, shalmes , curtals, recorders, melodica, kazoo, vocals), Rafaello Mizraki (drums, percussion, cello, Hammond organ, vocals). Arrangements by Andrew Watts.



1. Prodigal's ResolutionAnon 18th century
2. Playford Tunes (The Old Mole, Mill-Field, The Wherligig, The Whish, Millison's Jegge)from Playford's "English Dancing Master"
3. The World is Turned Upside DownAnon 17th cent
4. Jovial BeggarAnon 17th cent
5. Leathern BottleAnon 17th cent
6. IanthaAnon English 18th cent
7. An Thou were my ain ThingAnon Scottish 18th cent
8. Oh that I had but a Fine ManPelham Humphry (1647 - 1674)
9. Now O Now I needs must partJohn Dowland
10. Man is for the Woman madeHenry Purcell (1659 - 1695)
11. A Northern Catche/The Little BarleycorneJohn Hilton/Trad
12. Granny's Delight/My Lady Foster's DelightAnon 18th cent
13. A Round of Three Country Dances in OneThomas Ravenscroft (c 1582 - c 1635)
14. Youth's the Season Made for JoysWords: John Gay/Tune: anon
15. In The Days of my YouthWords: John Gay/Tune: anon
16. Never weatherbeaten sailThomas Campion
17. Old Simon the KingAnon

An Evening of Carols and Capers Running time CD1: 37m 57s. CD2: 41m 14s. The package is dated 2005 but it wasn't released until December 2006. The DVD with the same name as this album gives the date 2003 to the concerts. Maddy Prior (vocals), Andrew Watts (Shawmes, curtal, clarinet,  recorders, Brueghel bagpipes, vocals), Giles Lewin (Shawm, fiddle, recdorders, medieval bagpipes, tin whistle, mandolin, vocals), Andrew "Jub" Davis (Bass), Steve Banks (Drums, percussion, bells, fiddle, vocals), William "Steno"  Badley (baroque guitar, lute, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo mandolin, vocals), Rafaello Mizraki (Acoustic and electric guitars, lute, mandolin, vocals). The liner notes contain the words to all the songs. On several tracks there is a long fade-out with audience applause.

CD 1



1. Masters in this HallWilliam Morris - French Trad4m 20s
2. The Sans Day CarolCornish Trad3m 40s
3. God Rest You Merry GentlemenTrad4m 45s 
4. This Endris NightAnon 16th cent 4m 53s 
5. M Charpentier's Christmas Stomp (instr)(1) French Trad (2) M Charpentier4m 35s
6. Let an Anthem of PraiseWords: Caleb Ashworth (1722 - 1775); Music: Trad3m 29s
7. The OxenPrior/ Lewin/ Watts/ Mizraki/ Banks/ Davis/ Badley2m 37s 
8. BalthazarPrior/ Lewin/ Watts/ Mizraki/ Banks/ Davis/ Badley 3m 16s
9. Round of the AnimalsPrior/ Mizraki 2m 29s
10. MelimaPrior/ Lewin/ Watts/ Mizraki/ Banks/ Davis/ Badley 3m 22s

CD 2



1. It Came Upon the Midnight ClearTune: Trad.
Words EH Sears (18th Cent)
3m 18s
2. On Christmas Night (Sussex Carol)Trad2m 45s 
3. Watt's Cradle SongWords: Isaac Watts;
tune: USA early 19th cent
3m 41s
4. Vals Musette (instr)Andre Verchuren Trad3m 0s
5. Entre Le Boeuf (sung in French)Trad4m 24s 
6. M Charpentier's Christmas Swing (instr)(1) French Trad
(2) M Charpentier
3m 15s
7. Dratenik (Tinker Polka) (instr)Bacova's Ceska Kapela3m 10s 
8. The Carnal and the Crane (Child 55)Trad 5m 0s
9. Ding Dong Merrily on HighTune: French Trad 16th cent;
words GR.Woodward (1848 - 1934)
2m 29s
10. Angels from the Realms of GloryWords: James Montgomery
(1772 - 1854); Music: French Trad
3m 35s
11. Hark, Hark (sung a cappella)Words: Joseph Stephenson 1775;
Tune: Trad
2m 16s
12. While Shepherds WatchedWords: Nahum Tate/ Nicholas Brady; Tune: Trad3m 53s

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